Saturday, 28 February 2015

Forever Living Creams

So after reviewing a few of the Forever Living products and I am now onto their creams & moisturizers. I love hand cream because I do suffer from dry skin (on my hands especially.) I have a few favourites but I like to have an everyday one I can carry around with me so these are perfect.
I have 3 to review which are the:
Aloe Propolis Crème
Aloe Lotion
Aloe Moisturising Lotion

Aloe Propolis

This is the first one I tried. It is formulated from Aloe Vera Gel & Bee Propolis Extract. It is also blended with herbs and Vitamins A & E.
I found the texture lovely when first applied, it is very thick and moisturising. I found it difficult to move around my skin once it had started to soak in... It must be something to do with he formula but other ta that I found it to leave my skin soft and well moisturised. I love the smell of tis one, I can't quite place what it I but to me is has a hint of vanilla. 

Aloe Lotion
This was the second lotion I tried. This is not as thick as the Propolis Crème. This one has collagen & elastin in I and is perfect for toning, moisturising, conditioning and evening out any blemishes.  This one spreads a lot better but the absorbing time is about the same which is very quick. I love that because I am so impatient an always busy so waiting for hand lotion to dry is not ideal.
Aloe Moisturising Lotion
So this lotion has an average consistency similar to Neutrogena Fast Absorbing Hand Cream. I have to say this is my favourite lotion out of the 3. I fund it to be a perfect all round cream that I used on both my hands and my face. This cold, windy weather in the north east can leave your skin rather dry. This is the exact formulated cream that I need for this and the bottle even states it is great for the effects of wind & sun. This one is also fast absorbing which I really do love so I can get on with my tasks.
To order yours, contact Vicky Robinson who is lovely and can answer your questions about products!
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Sunday, 22 February 2015

First Look | Oscars 2015

I am a big fan of 'Hollywood Glam' and the whole Red Carpet lo with the gown, and the hired diamonds and the tailored suits. So when it comes to the Oscars its safe to say I cannot wait to see what everyone is wearing, who's going to surprise everyone, who's going to be scandalous and who's going to regret their outfit.
Gina Rodriguez
First look out the bag is this elegant royal blue gown. Personally I think this colour compliments almost anyone! The cut an silhouette of this dress is timeless and I think it suits her body shape very well!

Anna Kendrick 
This embellished halter neck salmon Thakoon gown is a beauty. That colour in not easy to pull off but somehow she looks effortless. The embellished neckline allows for minimal jewellery and the shape just flows. Her hairstyle and make up allow the dress to do the talking...   
Patricia Arquette
Arquette manages to pull off this asymmetric monochrome dress. With a gorgeous ruching feature from the bus and a cinched in waist this dress is stunning! The addition of a black clutch seems like the most obvious but sophisticated addition.
America Ferrera
America slays the red carpet in the Jenny Packman gown. The colour makes me think of the ocean and mermaids. With a red box clutch and me statement earrings she has won me over! I'm not so keen on the neckline of this but I adore the colour.
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Nivea Soft Rose Lipbalm

Okay, so anyone who knows me knows I am a little obsessed with lip balms. I hate having dry lips and love a good reliable lip balm so I am always trying out new ones and have a few faithful ones! I thought I would write a little review of the Nivea Soft Rose Lip balm.

This lip balm comes in this card/plastic packaging with a gorgeous rose colour background and the signature Nivea navy blue logo. I used to have one of these in my bag always but haven't bought one for a while so when I was picking up some shopping I decided to get a new one to pop in my bag.

This particular lip balm comes in a cute tube with a snap lid which keeps it secure if you're carrying it around in your bag. (Nothing worse than an escapee from your make up bag!) In the twist, lipstick style canister there is a fair amount of lip balm so you know it will last. Its always nice knowing you got a nice amount of product for the price.  

It kind of reminds me of a 90's kind of sweet in its moulded shape. It has a beautiful subtle smell and has rose extract for long lasting moisture and adds a little tint to your natural lip colour. I am in love with products that enhance your beauty without having to wear a face full of make up like BB creams etc (like no make up make up) so this is perfect. A little tint helps your lips look a little more healthy I think and it just glides on! It is lovely to wear and gives your lips a lovely velvety feel.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Botox In a Bottle? | Forever Living

The next product I have been kindly given to review from Forever Living range is the Aloe based face mask I hear that this has been dubbed 'botox in a bottle.' To red my previous review of the Forever Living Aloe BB Cream click here!
So this face mask arrives in two separate pots and you mix as you need it. So I was advised to follow the instructions on the box & was also warned it gets super tight on our face.


Okay, the first box I opened is the Mask Powder. It comes in a screw lid pot and then has another plastic seal. I lifted this of the unveil the mask powder inside. Which might I add has an uncanny resemblance to pink sherbet haha. The instructions tell you to mix 1 teaspoon of this with 1 teaspoon of the Aloe Activator which will create a gel, face mask like consistency.


I went ahead and took the Aloe Activator out the box and measured out a teaspoon of this to mix with the powder. This comes in a pop cap bottle which is secure to avoid leaking. 

Aloe Activator
The Aloe Activator has many uses on its own which include, calming down watering eyes from high pollen count, calming shaving rash and razor bumps, cleansing the skin, help bruises, sprains and swellings. The list really goes on but obviously consult with a someone trained in this product (Like Vicky - All details re at he end of the post.) It can be applied in different ways to help different conditions so please double heck before hand. Talk about mother nature, aloe really is a healing plant!

I went ahead, mixing them both with a teaspoon in a small dish until I got the correct consistency. I tied my hair back tight, and used a flat make up brush to apply to my skin. I obviously avoided the eyes and mouth but gave the rest of my face a good coat of the face mask.  
Barbra Daily Make Up Brush

I as told it would get tight but took a good 5 minutes for me to start feeling the effect. The box suggest to lie in a reclining position while I kept it on for 30 minutes. This was also a good chance to catch up on TV which I don't do very often!
After about 15 minutes the tightening of the skin was rather intense and it does almost feel like your face is in a vacuum (in a good way.) It is rather comical and laughable because you almost lose movement in our face while you have it on. I used a wet flannel with warm water to remove the face mask. It does take a little to remove. I do admittedly have sensitive skin so mine went a little red but it rushes the blood to the surface and plumps the skin. It really is a wonder product.  
I really can say that this did make my skin feel AMAZING once I had washed it off. And even the morning after my skin still felt delightful and more balanced. It was less oily and just feeling very soft! This product is brilliant for people suffering from acne, impetigo or acne rosacea.

To order yours, contact Vicky Robinson who is lovely and can answer your questions about products!
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Friday, 13 February 2015

Last Minute Valentine's Gifts

So for all of you guys (and girls) who have left it last minute! Here's a few cute gift ideas for your Valentine....
So if lingerie doesn't scream 'Valentines Day' I don't know what does! I am in love with the sets from Tallulah Love! Guys the images are beautiful so don't get too distracted.... The quality is amazing, the design is so feminine & sexy and all I can say is your girl will feel amazing. For any single ladies reading this, I highly suggest you treat yourself. You will not regret it.
Image from
2. Wine & Dine
 Personally, I just love to eat! Nothing beats going out for a gorgeous meal and a few glasses of champagne! If you don't want to battle the valentine's crowds & busy restaurant then a Marks & Spencer Dine In for 2 Meal Deal is the perfect option! Quality food, a decent price with a selections of starters, mains & dessert.
Image from
3. Flowers
 Ahhh there is nothing quite like being the receiver of a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. If you're local to Newcastle then the Scene Setter is perfect! Beautiful arrangements, potted plants and other selections. I think they also do bespoke arrangements so pop to Jesmond and get your partners' fave flowers!   
Image from the Scene Setter Facebook page
Book a couple's massage! So okay, there may not be tonnes of spaces left this late in the game but ring around your local spas. You might be lucky. And on that note, booking your Mrs in for a manicure or getting her nails done would go down a treat I reckon. City Retreat on Osborne Road in Jesmond is gorgeous and the girls are really lovely!  
5. Time Keeper
Nothing says 'together forever' than an accessory that keeps time. A watch seems to be a popular one these days (maybe a little to popular. I prefer jewels!) But each to their own an this a good one for both men & women. I LOVE Longines (think Kate Winslet campaign.) Another fave is Tag Heuer.
So that's it from me! Good luck and much love!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

February Adventures | The Boiler Shop Steamer

The Boiler Shop Steamer seemed like an illusive event that I would hear in passing conversation but never had the pleasure of attending myself. So when blogger, friend Zotonixe asked me if I wanted to go with her to the November night, I was excited! I did miss the December one (which I am gutted about because I was told it was extra busy and more going on with it being like a Christmas special.) I also missed the January one because I have the memory of a sieve but HAD to remember the February one because I was disappointed when I realised I had missed 2!

So for anyone who hasn't heard of The Boiler Shop Steamer..... Let me enlighten you. It is basically a chilled night out hosted in an unused warehouse (was the old Royal Mail sorting office for those of you who know Newcastle at all.) So located at a prime spot, behind Central Station, it is the perfect space to house such an event. It is a monthly thing which involves local food and drinks businesses with different cool, interesting bands & singers. The vibe of The Boiler Shop is very relaxed, and hosted the 1st weekend of each month.

It is a super popular event of a varied audience (both young and old and different styles) so if the place hits capacity you will have to queue. It usually runs from lunch time that day 12pm and is free entry until 4:30pm(I believe). Any time after that it is £5 entry. You may think this a little steep but for the atmosphere alone I think it is worth it.

 So once you've queued and paid, you will notice the basist who often jams on Northumberland Street. Personally, I think he is the coolest guy ever. Guy got soul about him! Then when you step in you will see the lighting wall which is really cool for photos. then you are engulfed into a buzzing but chilled crowd. The first place we head or is the Wylam Brewery Bar which is in the far right corner (near the stage.)

Around the edges of the warehouse are food and drinks stalls of all varieties. It reminds me of a street food market. There I a variety of different stalls which range from cakes, crepes, burgers, curry, sushi and so on. They always seem to have a few regular ones and hen the rest do vary, which is nice because you get to try new foods from new companies! Some of the companies include VWLulabelle, Kitsch'n Crepe Co, Scream For Pizza, Manjit's Kitchen & many more!

VWLulabelle  and their beautiful cakes!
Patty Smith's Burgers

You will find the Ouseburn Coffee Company very close to the front entrance (behind the lighting wall.) I have not tried their drinks so far but I lays see people wandering around carrying coffee cocktails which smell delicious! So next time I must try one!  
Ouseburn Coffee Co
So as a heads up you need tokens to buy most of the food & drinks. You can buy these on entry or once you're in.
As I said I went with fellow blogger- Zotonixe. If you're not following her go check out her blog!  We decided on some chips from the Hip Hop Chip Shop! Just my kinda food, and how can it not taste good when they're hip hop?! They were really tasty and not like greasy normal chip shop chips! I doused mine in vinegar and ketchup. Vinegar & chips reminds me of my childhood and eating chips at the coast! Had a little nostalgic moment... 
So aswell as the tasty food & drinks, the live music is so much fun! This month they had The Baghdaddies paying which are a really cool sounding bnd. They have a sort of Saudi Arabian, crossed with a Ukranian sound. I may be totally off oint there but that's what I think they sound like. It was so much fun dancing to these guys! It's hard to describe but check out heir have a listen here!

I do apologize that the photos aren't he best quality guys! It gets rather crowded after about 5pm (and plus its difficult to take photos with  pint & a plate of chips too haha.) In between the bands they also do have an in house DJ that drops cool beats too. I'm a huge music fan so I loveeeee it!
This venue is also child friendly but obviously alcohol is being served so for any parents out there, reading this, its your decision. Personally I think I is a fun tin for kids t experience... Especially when the bands come on and the atmosphere changes. There is wooden benches in the middles to sit on but these fill up quick. So I advise maybe anyone attending with children, go during the day or chance it after about 4pm and watch for people leaving their table. They go fast!
I literally cannot wait until next month to do this all over again! Remember, if you're going - wrap up warm, take our mobile (people are easily lost, so stick together like glue) and just enjoy the vibe! I'm sure I'll be therein March so if you see me, say hi!  


Friday, 6 February 2015

Aloe BB Creme Review | Flawless by Sonya

So I was recently approached about reviewing some products that are aloe vera based and I jumped at the chance! Okay, so the brand is called Flawless by Sonya. I cannot wait to share this review with you all!
 The first product by this brand I was given to review is their Aloe BB Creme. As far as I am aware, this comes in 2 shades. Nude (which is the one I have been trying) and Cocoa. The BB cream comes in a handy size tube with a screw cap lid. The creme itself has an SPF of 20 Sunscreen in, which is always good for an extra little protection in the sun!

To apply the BB Crème I used my fingers instead of a brush as I seems a much more natural way of applying a product that is designed to give a natural coverage. Personally I have struggled to find a decent covering BB crème in a good colour match for my skin so I was eager to try this.... I gently massaged it evenly all over my face. A little goes a long way with this! The first thing I noticed was the smell. It is a combination of moisturiser and sun cream with a little hint of something I cannot put my finger on. (I am guessing it is the aloe vera.) It is a refreshing smell and always nice to have products that have a nice scent. The second thing I noticed was how nicely it applies to the skin. This product gives a lovely coverage which is ideal for feeling confident in your own skin without having to wear a face full of cosmetics!

As you can see, the BB Crème is quite a few shades away from my natural skin tone. I think its the only real issue I have with this product. If I could, I'd get a shade lighter (but I am sure there is only Nude & Cocoa.) I just have to make sure it is blended well in to my skin and neck so I don't get a funny line... Always a hazard of being a porcelain skinned, redhead! I'm pretty sure that for most people, the shades they do stock are a great match. Also it isn't a great cover up for any spots but does cover dark circles and blemishes. It obviously isn't a concealing product but more of an over all natural coverage for lazy days and when you feel like wearing less make up.

Dark circles looking better, spots not 100% covered.

The thing I noticed after applying, was the glisten to my face. Because BB cremes are a kind of hybrid cross between a foundation and a moisturiser the finish is different to wearing a foundation. This particular BB crème gives a certain glow to your face which personally I like. Its not shiny, but more radiant. I guess you could powder over this if you prefer a more matte look. 


Now, the bottle does say "Hydrates, Conceals, Perfects." I tend to suffer a little from dark circles sometimes under my eyes. I applied a little more under my eyes and it seemed to make a noticeable difference! I also noticed that the crème has the capability to be built up. Maybe you're not feeling enough coverage with the 1st application? Well if you add a little more, it builds up beautifully!

Day 3 of using the Aloe BB Crème

I can say that I 100% recommend this product. As a sufferer of acne in my teens and bad skin on and off, it is nice to find a product that gives a good coverage to give you confidence without feeing like you're wearing too much at all.  And which girl doesn't want to have a best kept secret in beauty?!  
To order yours, contact Vicky Robinson who is lovely and can answer your questions about products!
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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Arbonne Review

So recently I was contacted by an Arbonne representative who I met via a charity fashion show I had modelled for. I had not however heard of the brand but agreed to trial some of their products!


Arbonne Crème Concealer - Light/Clair

First, let me begin with the Arbonne concealer. Being pale skinned it can be difficult to find a nice textured concealer in my shade. I do sometimes suffer from dark eye circles and the odd blemish or redness. I found this to be a lovely creamy concealer. I always apply mine with a small flat brush and tend to use a foundation brush to blend in. I also noticed that the more you work with it in the small palette, it warms up and makes it even more smoother which is a dream to apply.


I have always had fairly sensitive skin from a young age and suffered from acne from early teens and I still do suffer from spots and blemishes due to hormone imbalance (I think.) I was given medication for it in my late teens but I am always eager to try skincare, especially botanical ranges. Its always nice knowing you're putting something on you skin that is natural and fresh.

Arbonne Clear Control Skin Care Set
Arbonne do have a number of different skincare ranges for different skin types. I was testing the Clear Control Set which dos come in a box (not pictured.) The set includes:
1 x Clarifying Blemish Wash 10ml 
1 x Clarifying Blemish Lotion
1  Clarifying Blemish Toner
1 x Blemish Calming Cream
I mainly used the Clarifying Blemish Wash which is basically just a face wash that can be used once or twice daily. I used this every morning. I also used the Blemish Lotion a few times. Using both of these products left my skin feeling silky smooth! Knowing my skin type I didn't want to overload my skin so quickly so I didn't use the Clarifying Blemish Toner. However I did try the Blemish Calming Cream as I did have a few spots flare up on my cheek. This little tube is like a quick spot fix and can be applied whenever you feel a spot appearing - perfect to drop in your bag on the go. I didn't seem to see much difference in my skin whilst using he skin care range but as I say I do have very temperamental skin! Although, I can did notice my skin feeling amazing after using this set!


Arbonne Sheer Glow Highlighter

So in my daily make up I'm loving a fairly natural, radiant look. Highlighter is perfect for creating a healthy 'glow' so I was eager to try this. This highlighter has quite a peachy undertone whereas some on the market have a slight blue or pink tint to them. I applied all my makeup as normal and then applied the highlighter to areas I wanted to accentuate like my cheekbones and my brow bone. The peachy undertone is lovely for me as it compliments my skin tone, being a redhead.
 However, I did find that I had to use quite a lot of product to see results. The texture is like a creamy moisturiser. I dabbed it on with my finger and blended it a little with a stippled foundation brush. Overall, I had good results with this highlighter.

I recently smashed my bronzer in to a million tiny pieces so I do need a new one! (So clumsy!) I was keen to try the Arbonne bronzer to see what it was like. I rarely wear a blush but I do like a bronzer just to contour my cheekbones a little.
Arbonne Got You Covered Mineral Powder - Bronze
This particular bronzer comes in a pot with a little mesh cover almost like an old school powder compact. It has a screw lid and I must confess, I do love their packaging. Just very minimal & simple!  I used a stiff stippling brush to get product onto my brush through the mesh.   


I wasn't a huge fan of the matt effect of this particular bronzer as I normally wear one with a slight shimmer. This is only personal preference. I did find it difficult to blend with the stiff brush so tried a few different softer brushes and got there in the end. Took a little blending into my foundation though. Arbonne do also stock 1 other bronzer that I am aware of, which is a compressed powder so maybe I should try that instead!
I love a good primer! I think primers are great to prep your skin, and I especially use a primer before a night out or a big event to ensure my make up holds. I have been using the Smashbox primer for sometime now and wasn't sure if I would find one to match but I was pleasantly surprised by the Arbonne primer. 
Arbonne Make Up Primer
This primer comes in a black bottle with a pump which make it easy to get the product out of the bottle. I always apply my primer with my hands and found with this primer it has an unbelievably silky texture. It left my skin feeling velvety soft once I had applied it all over my face and was evenly spread. It held my make up very well and on that note would say it is very close to my Smashbox primer. This is a little hidden gem in the Arbonne collection - all black bottle which is the base before the actual make up but I highly recommend this product!

Although the skin care wasn't really for me I found most of the products mentioned above lovey to use. For those of you that don't know Arbonne has been running for years and is based on botanical principles. (Only fairly new to the UK.) The brand was developed in Switzerland in 1975 and carried through to America in 1980. Staying true to their botanical background, the company remains true to their morals of being 'green' and cruelty free formulas.
For anyone interested in how the products look here is some quick snaps of me wearing the primer, concealer, highlighter and bronzer (foundation, mascara & brow pencil are separate brands.)
Highlighter in the corner of my eye and on my brow bone...



Skin isn't perfect but you can see the bronzer in all its glory!