Tuesday, 26 August 2014

50 Things Tag

Hi guys! I am The Original Redhead and I will be blogging about jewellery, fashion, cosmetics, art, all things creative and anything in between! For you all to get to know me a little better (since this is my 1st post) I thought I would do the '50 things' tag. In case you're unaware of this blogging tag, I have to tell you 50 random things about myself.

Here goes...
1. I don't have a favourite colour - being a very creative person, my love of colours is equal as I think they're all beautiful in different placements
2. I have a degree in Textiles & Surface Design
3. I am a natural redhead
4.In my spare time I model
5. In 2013 I cut off 17 inches of hair and donated it to the Little Princess trust
6. Maths was my worst subject in highschool
7. I am a non smoker
8. I have completed all 3 bronze, silver & gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards.
9. I have never been on a cruise
10. When I was 17 I sailed from Norway to England over 10 days
11. I love sushi
12. I would love to live in New York for a period of time at some point
13. I'm quite a big tomboy but have a girly side which loves dressing up too
14. My style is minimal and simplistic
15. When I was 15 I won an award on a school trip for the 'best attentive driver' while go karting
16. I have a double crown
17. Pitbull once brushed passed me while on a university trip in New York!
18. I believe that no rich person ever became rich by sitting and waiting for oppertuanities to find them
19. I adore Beyoncé for her acheievments and her work ethic
20. I am 5ft
21. I struggle to find clothes to fit me as my top half and bottom half are 2 different sizes
22. I once convinced a group of guys that I work for NASA
23. My fear of having fears is my biggest fear at all
24. As a child, I used to press flowers. I mean seriously, who does that?!
25. I also love Italian food. All of the pasta will be mine!
26. I had a pair of roller boots as a kid and then upgraded to inline blades
27. Owls are my favourite bird
28. I am a jewellery designer and illustrator
29. I love an adrenaline rush
30. I love watching programmes/movies about whales and dolphins. They always look so peaceful
31. I used to train for boxing
32. I used to run for about 3 years on and off
33. I like both tea and coffee but much prefer tea
34. When I was about 7 I went through a phase of eating nothing but super noodles
35. I LOVE having a productive day
36. I don't have a favourite season because I love them all for different reasons
37. I have rauynards syndrome in my hands and feet (a type of circulation/capillary type syndrome but nothing serious, just always cold!)
38. I would love to learn a new language fluently
39. I think I am allergic to dust
40. I considered joining both the army and the navy
41. I can quote Mean Girls and White Chicks spontaneously word for word
42. I love to have a giggle
43. I would love to trace our family tree
44.I have a very curious mind, its always ticking over and wondering about something
 45. I really struggle to sit down and read a book
46. I am a visual learner
47. I love being spontaneous
48. On cold rainy days I love to curl up and watch the Harry Potter movies
49. I wear glasses
50. I am constantly misplacing my glasses!