Friday, 30 December 2016

Heatless Bouncy Curls?! Curls in a flash for NYE

So it's New Years Eve, and you've got to your friends house to get ready for the big night ahead. So far, so good. Pour yourself a glass of champagne and operation beautify begins... but you panic. You've forgot your curlers, straighteners, tongs!! In the excitement and last minute rush I have done this so thought I'd post this tutorial to show you how to create bouncy curls with no heated hair tools.
So firstly, these are the things you'll need.  Hairbrush, dry shampoo (I used Batiste), hairspray (Insette shown, but whatever you prefer), hair grips (although I prefer the silver crocodile hair clips you can buy from most hair shops) and a spray bottle filled with water.
So, keep sipping the champagne, spray your hair with dry shampoo if needed (I like it to add texture to my hair as my hair is so shiny and slips), then brush your hair and secure in a high pony tail.
The next step is to spritz your pony tail with the water. If you hair is super porous (like mine), you may have to repeat this step once you get about half way. You'll be able to gauge, but you want all of the pony tail to be pretty damp.

Then, in small sections, coil you hair around 2 fingers. Gently slip you fingers out of the coil of hair.

And secure in place with 2 hair grips (in opposite directions, for maximum security.) My hair has a mind of its own so I always double grip. The silver crocodile clips do hold my hair better, but wanted to show you hairgrips as most of your girlfriends will have those lying round!
If you love a varied size of curls like myself, then just alternate thinner and thicker sections of hair. This look was with strands from apx 1 inch wide to apx 2 inches wide.

Keep pinning until all of your pony tail is pinned up. You need to leave in for quite a while so the hair will be dry once you unpin it all. Once all is pinned up, spray with hair spray. I find the most effective way is to spray from beneath upwards so you're spritzing the curls gently, not drowning them and making them heavier. This now allows you to 
1) Drink more champagne
2) Apply your make up and pick your outfit with your hair out of your face
 The longer you leave the curls, the curlier your hair will be. However, if you're pushed for time you can give them a helpful hand by drying with a hairdryer.

This is the final look, once the hair has been unpinned and also sprayed again for hairspray to hold them for the big night ahead. You can leave them in the ponytail or you can untie it and let your hair loose for a different style! I hope this helps a few of your girls, as I know the struggle can be real to look your best when the clock strikes midnight.
All images above are by Kirstie Mackin Photography.
Necklace is from Aphrodite Jewels
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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Hadrian's Tipi: Live Music, Mulled Wine & a Firepit

Christmas spent in a city is always a lovely time, and with Newcastle seemingly having an avalanche of new venues recently its not a surprise people choose to come here. When Hadrian's Tipi appeared, this unusual attraction caused a stir. I'm sure this is the first year we've been graced with the tipi presence in Newcastle so I was intrigued to find out more.

On entrance to the tipi, I was greeted with some delicious mulled wine (complete with cinnamon stick and clementine slice) - real mulled wine. It was super cold out, so this was really what I needed.

On entering I was overwhelmed with everything that was happening. And let me tell you, this tipi reminded me of the tents on Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire. So big inside, as you can see it has quite a big capacity. There was a bar, live music, seating to chill with friends and also a fire pit. A FIRE PIT. Amazing. I was excited about the fire pit although did not manage to get sat next to the flame of warmth (despite trying and waiting to pounce on an empty seat.) They have different live musicians playing and loved this band. I didn't catch their name but if anyone knows who they are please leave a comment!


There really isn't anything like an open wood burning fire to make a festive atmosphere. And although, I was informed of food but only managed to see one tray of hotdogs while I was there. And not one keen on hotdogs I gave them a pass.

However, if you were looking for somewhere to head after work then this would be it. Drinks, music, chilled vibes, wine... and more wine, then this is your hookup. And it is surprisingly warm in Hadrian's Tipi. I dreaded sitting in the tipi if it was going to be an icebox but super comfortable and toasty. And I had to ask a stranger if I could photograph her wine because who doesn't love a cosy photo of wine in front of a roaring fire?! I am hope this unique venue will stop by Newcastle next festive season, with more food next time please. The atmosphere is perfect if you're always on the go, chill out Christmas sloth mode. Hadiran's Tipi is an 8 week pop up and will then move to another city once the 8 weeks is up, so if you haven't been yet get down to see if its your crowd. Still has about a week left! 

Until next time...

Monday, 26 December 2016

Looking for Legendary Lashes?!

With the party season in full swing, we're all in search of the beauty products which really make us feel glamorous. And after attending an event at Charlotte Tilbury earlier in the year, I couldn't help but treat myself to the Legendary Lashes Mascara.
For those of you who don't know about Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics, she's been on the scene for quite some time but has been making real waves as a household name within apx the past 5 years I'd say. Charlotte is a powerhouse of a woman, a redhead (something we have in common), and is truly obsessed by her craft as a make up artist. She was raised in Ibiza and the rose gold (gorgeoussss) packaging is a reflection of this as it is a representation of the Ibiza sunset.

Her love for products goes way back to her backstage catwalk days where she'd hand out little pots of her 'magic cream' to the models to get it out there. Fearless, tenacious & shrewd. I like her already. I've heard lots of good things about the brand but have been yet to try it until this purchase. The Legendary Eyes Mascara was on my list as I was in the market for a new black coat for my lashes anyway...

The packaging is really dreamy so thought this may have been a way of hiding a poor performing product (as I say, CT newby so didn't know what to expect.) And I've got to tell you on my first application I wasn't keen. I think it was the formula of the mascara, it feels kind of like a mouse, thick yet smooth. However, on more applications I fall more in love with this every time. I already have pretty long eyelashes but this manages to make them appear longer and the depth of black is so intense. If you're going to do black mascara, you've really got to commit to the pigment being as black as the night sky. Newcastle girls love the volume, the bigger the better. Hair, lashes, shoes... you name it. This product is buildable so you get to choose how intense it appears depending on the look you're going for.
As you can see the brush is full of tiny little bristles which means every millimetre of your lashes gets covered with minimum effort. I wore this Christmas day and loved it! I try to avoid wearing is on my bottom lashes as it can transfer on to some foundations (I think because it's so strongly pigmented), but if you're looking for length, intense black and volume from a mascara, Legendary Lashes really needs to be in your make up bag. I use this for special occasions because it truly makes me feel glam with the stroke of the wand.
Retails at £25.00

Until next time...
The Original Redhead


Saturday, 17 December 2016

Skincare & Shopping: Sunderland Bridges

So for all of those who have been super organised and have completed your Christmas shopping, well done you. To those of you like myself, who think they're organised and will be calm and under control and still panicking the week before the big day, then this one is for you. 
Sunderland Bridges Shopping Centre invited me to experience a little of what their shops had to offer. And as a gal who likes to shop... how could I refuse?! First on my list was Boots, where they firstly explained their new service of custom printed ribbon and laser etching service. This is a lovely little personal touch for anyone really but if you've left it last minute, then this is so convenient! Even for birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, etc.

Lets all take a minute to appreciate my etched make up brush...


Boots also stock a wide range of contour & strobe creams and eye shadows from £3 each. And even better, you can buy an empty palette and custom select the colours you'd like in there.
I was then colour matched with the No7 colour matching service. Almost like a Dulux colour reader, the device reads your skin tone. Once you have been matched to your foundation, the colour card of your shade offers a range of blushes, lip and eye shades that would also suit your skin tone. This really would be a lovely experience for anyone who is a little afraid of experimenting and unsure what colours to buy for their make up bag.

Moving on to The Body Shop. Every Christmas I normally pop in here & buy a few gift sets as they have some lovely scents. But to be honest, it's been a while since I've really explored their product range. And jeez, it's expanded a lot! The product I really fell in love with was their body scrubs. Available in a range of sultry and alluring scents - a little pricey but the tubs look like they'd last months.. This would make the perfect gift for any bath lover!


That's not all, they have boxed candles in invigorating scents which remind me of islands and summer air with woody undertones. I'm a sucker for candles so these stood out to me.

As well as the other newbies to the store, their ranges of face oils for different skin types is extensive. All colour coded from green to yellow, white to green. Love the packaging on these mini skin collections.


Moving on to Lush after trying everything (pretty much - no regrets) in The Body Shop. My love for Lush is constantly growing. I was never much of a fan of their products but the more I try, the more I love. And as if I wasn't already a converted fan, they then let us make our own bear shaped, bath bomb. Let me repeat that. I MADE MY OWN BATH BOMB. I was far too excited for this and who doesn't love bath products in the shape of a bear. I mean, seriously!
These have always had my attention, even though I was big on the bombs themselves I remember seeing these as a teenager and loving. Lip scrubs!! The Sugar Plum Fairy is sooo good and edible too for truly lickable lips. If you're shopping for teens or your girlfriends these are great to keep your lips polished in this winter weather.

Phew, last stop on the list! I rushed to Clarins just before closing to check out what they could offer over this crazy festive time.

 In the midst of Christmas parties and busy festivities combined with Christmas shopping and working overtime, who doesn't need a helping hand to revamp your skin? My mine was blown by this little skin boosting range. The serums target dull skin, dehydrated & tired skin and also help bring your radiant glow back. Got a friend who loves to party? Or a workaholic? This lovely little Detox, Repair & Energy range is really the perfect little remedy for your handbag to carry you through to January!

Feels so lovely on the skin...

If you're splurging on yourself with your Christmas bonus, or still looking for gifts, head to Sunderland Bridges Shopping Centre for your retail fix.
Until next time...

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Cocktail flavoured popcorn?!

Don't you just love food?! I mean, I love it all times of the year but everyone loves to indulge at Christmas time. So when Tyrells approached me with their new products I was intrigued to try.
For anyone who hasn't heard of Tyrell's, they are a proud British company which hail from Hertfordshire. The brand stared with their own potatoes grown on their farm with the skins left on (real crisps as we call them up north), cut to perfection in small batches and fried in a number of different unique flavours. So before I yabber on too much, I'll let you know what they sent me since I know you're itching to find out. The first product was the Three Bird Roast crisps. These are a new launch and for December of year, perfectly timed... wouldn't ya say?
So I opened the family size bag (I promise I didn't eat them all myself) and got to crunching. The Three Bird Roast is a Christmas flavour feast of chicken, duck and the classic turkey. On first taste, the chicken flavour is very evident but once you're chewing the other flavours do shine through with hints of stuffing. The second thing I noticed is the quality of the crisps.... they really have a good crunch and are thicker than normal crisps. A decent quality crunchy crisp is what we all strive for in life, right? I love that the skins are also left on them too - something British about not wasting parts of the vegetables we eat.
As well as tasting good, they also smell delicious. I just love opening a bag of crisps and smelling the flavour before I taste it, and the bag is big enough to go around so no worrying that you will have to share sparingly.
Next to try was the new Tyrells Poshcorn. Now, I am aware there is a lot of gourmet popcorn now on the market but I am yet to try any of it! So this was a new experience for me. This Poshcorn is Bellini flavour. So as you know, the winter season was invented for merry times! So needless to say I was excited (and a little apprehensive) to try this...
I got to munching and these morsels are so light and fluffy and the flavour is a very unique one. But seriously, the more I ate the more I was digging in the packet for more. These are so moreish and addictive! The tangy peach fizz flavour is light and refreshing but totally confuses how you are chewing popcorn and not drinking a bellini out of a beautiful gold rimmed glass. These are the perfect snack to indulge in as the flavour is just right as the fizzy champagne flavour fizzes on your taste buds. Still baffled how they have managed to replicate the flavour so well! Can we all take a minute to appreciate the gold packet - If this doesn't get you feeling Christmassy, there's no hope.

If you're stuck for something a little different for your very own Christmas gathering, weather you're in typical company or looking to impress your neighbours or boss... Give Tyrell's a try!
Until next time...