Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Modelling for fashion label, Louise Ross

So, for those of you reading my blog who don't know... I am a freelance model. I figured this is a good place to share my experiences with this journey. I recently had a photo shoot in York (I travelled down from Newcastle.) The brand is called Louise Ross and is gorgeous! Personally, for me I love the travelling part of almost any journey  -  and I haven't been to York since I was very young so it was lovely for me to briefly see the area. I went by train and met the designer behind the collection which I would be wearing. It started snowing just as I arrived (which made my eyes light up.) I love how the snow makes everything look magical.

The lovely designer talked me through the pieces and the ideas behind them. As a model this is always a nice introduction so you get a feel for the vibe the designer is after. Her 1st collection is very country inspired with a mix of tweeds, buckles, flashes of colourful lining & tailoring. The company is pre lunch but I will do a follow up blog with links to all the fashion line's website & social media.

After this, the make up artist & photographer arrived and the photographer set off to go and set up the lights at a barn (which was the location of the shoot.) Meanwhile the make up artist got started on my make up. She set up and prepped my skin & I had my foundation airbrushed on. First time ever! Stacey had an extensive kit, which as a model is always great to see that an MUA is prepared. The brief from the designer was quite natural make up & Stacey followed this perfectly. Being a redhead model, sometimes foundation match or colour is difficult to those unfamiliar working with pale skin but I was super pleased with Stacey's work!  

Once my make up was done, we drove to the converted barn which was beautiful! The photographer (Rebecca Hull) had a white scoop back drop set up for simple studio shots but we also had the rest of the space to work with too!

To any new models reading this, I was wrapped up like a Christmas present as I had anticipated I would get cold. If you are like me, then never feel rude to ask for a hot drink or something to help you warm up. Obviously, act with professionalism and take precautions that you can before you arrive.

I requested a little music to get my moving and in a good, fun mind set. The photographer and whole team were fantastic to work with!  A few of the outfits were a little too big so we had to clip & I had to play with shapes and hold a few awkward positions but as a model this is something you get used to, to ensure the product looks the best it possibly can for the client. It comes with practise!

The photo shoot was a long day but I had an awesome time and was genuinely lovely to meet some new faces! I cannot wait to share some of the final images from this shoot!

Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist: https://www.facebook.com/STACEYBORGMUA
Designer: Louise Ross

Monday, 26 January 2015

Special Delivery

Recently my mam set off for some free little samples of tea and let me tell you, I'm glad she did. I have been through phases of liking fruit teas and it passes quickly but a friend of mine always fuels me up with them when I visit her. So my addiction has become more temporary.
Firstly, I received a set of 3 teabag from the Redbush Tea Company. I have not tried their tea before so it will be nice to try a new brand. The 3 favours are Original Rooibos, Chai Rooibos & Citrus Rooibos.

A few days later I woke up to another little package with more tea samples from Taylors of Harrogate. It is a little booklet with 2 teabags which are Spiced Apple. As soon as I opened the envelope, my nose was infused with the smell of Christmas!! The spiced apple has a very deep, woody & comforting smell. I have also not tried this brand so again, will be nice to try something new.

The booklet is a 3 fold, and on the 3rd section it has a 50p off voucher. I will definitely be taking advantage of that if I like the flavour!
I'll do a follow up blog post once I have tried these teabags! So don't forget to check for more info if you're a tea lover too...