Monday, 23 January 2017

Healthy Eats at a Mystery Newcastle Location

After December is over and the over indulgence loses its novelty, most are left feeling bloated, guilty and a few pounds heavier. So when I was invited along to a healthy eating blogging event by Ruth at Pretty Little Gym Addict I was excited to see what Intu Eldon Square had in store for us. Our meeting point was Giraffe World Kitchen, but as to which restaurant in the new quarter we would be dining in.
But first, to set off our healthy celebrations the lovely staff at Giraffe hosted a smoothie making class and also knocked up a few cocktails in aid of Dry January.

We were asked to choose a favourite looking smoothie from their menu and then we were brought up and talked through the process allowing us to make our own. I chose the Mango Lasse which was delish. Consisting of fruits and flavours, these smoothies were the perfect January drinks.


From here, the grand unveil of where we would dine was revealed. Each twosome went to a different restaurant and our goal was to choose the healthiest options on the menu. Ruth and I were assigned to Crepe Affaire. This was previously the infamous Eldon Square Fish & Chip Shop. We both hadn't visited since it had changed hands and became Crepe Affaire so this was a new experience for us.

On arrival, from the décor there's a very distinct French bistro vibe. he décor is a combination of white hexagon micro tiles, woods and marble surfaces. We were greeted by friendly staff who spoke us through the menus and the calories etc of the savoury crepe options. They were very helpful and got our order taken swiftly. I went for the Chicken Supreme minus the sauce it normally is cooked in.
We also chose a smoothie from their list and I went for the Kale Kick. Considering the unappetising green shade of this, it was surprisingly yummy. Our crepes arrived and admittedly I was excited to dig in. I myself hadn't tried savoury crepes (sweet ones and been tasted on a dreamy trip to Paris.)

Stuffed with succulent chicken, mushrooms, tomato & spinach this was really tasty. The chicken tasted extremely fresh and cooked to perfection. The crepes are filled very filling and the ingredients are not sparingly used. Nothing worse than a stingy meal!

I was apprehensive of my crepe being bland but the freshness of the ingredients really did give it natural flavour. If I'd just finished a heavy session at the gym and needed a meal to help me recover and repair then this would be a great alternative to the usual healthy eats. The kale kick smoothie washed this down and was the perfect boost to accompany the crepe.
Crepe Affaire also offer a range of sweet crepes and treat too (which look amazing) and would be the perfect little treat for your cheat day. And if you're looking for a coffee, breakfast options or even naughty Belgian, these guys have you covered!

Price wise, I wasn't sure what to expect but they are very reasonable given the quality, portions and service. To eat in, the Chicken Supreme Crepe is £6.90 and my Kale Kick is £3.25.

Until next time...

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Statement Jewellery: Dare to Wear

I think by now, we all know I'm a totally jewellery & accessories lover. Jewellery can totally transform and outfit and the way you feel. Certain jewellery pieces of mine somehow allow me to feel more confident or sophisticated or fun (you get the idea, depending on the design.) Over December I was in Primark picking up some wardrobe staples and had to have a mosey around the accessories section.
I am a complete sucker for rose gold, whether its jewellery, home accessories, nail polish. I can't get enough. I got my eye on the full finger ring which was reduced to £1. What a steal! The ring is 1 coil of metal (rose gold coloured obv) and dusted in diamantes, gently nestled in claw settings.

When the light catches this, the diamantes really twinkle. The full finger effect creates a statement head turning piece which has made for lovely compliments when I've worn this.
I am seriously loving either fine pieces or slightly ambiguous statement pieces at the moment! And this fits the latter. The coiled metal is sturdy so the coil doesn't nip the skin which is a plus.
So if you're looking for minimal effort of upgrading your outfit, the dare to wear a full finger ring - or even better... a two ringer ring!  
Until next time...
The Original Redhead


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Best Tweezers I've ever used?!

In November, I entered a competition to win a pair of Browtician tweezers. I've seriously been in the market for a new pair for quite some time so crossed my fingers for these. Didn't think I'd actually win though! The competition required a comment on their Facebook post to tell the company how you groom your brows. I shared my secrets and explained that I love threading but usually do pluck mine to get rid of any strays. I would love to tint, but as a fashion/beauty model, clients like to have the variety of having them super blonde (giving a younger/fresher look) or filling them in with a colour matching my natural colour or even a complete opposite colour, like bright colours!
Anyway, before I bore you too much, I just wanted to do a little post to show you these Slant Tweezers and tell you how good they are.


They arrived packaged in this cute emoji style cardboard box and in their own little case to store them. The Slant tweezer live up to their obvious name with slanted tips which really allows you to get a good angle & precision when shape your brows. (How gorgeous is the high gloss black finish?!)
I love the little case that it comes in, I think it's great for travelling. Nothing worse that a pair of sharp tweezers floating around in the depths of your handbag waiting to stab you when you innocently dig your hand in to find your keys.

The tip of these tweezers are metal and they have a really tight closed grip which allows you to get a good firm grip on the hair whilst pulling it. Personally, these are the best tweezers I've used for this reason! Really helps to pull the hair out, even the tiny ones which we girls know can be tricky. These are from the Minimalist Collection which have a range of different shaped ends including Pointed & Squared. They even have a Stylist Collection for the brow obsessed who love to groom their brows! So if you're in the market for a pair, go check out Browitican.
 Until next time...

Monday, 2 January 2017

Hub of History: Grainger Market Festive Evening

If you've ever been to Newcastle or have friends in Newcastle you'll have most likely heard them talk about the infamous Grainger Market. Located on Grainger Street (duh), spitting distance from Grey's Monument. As a child, this is the market where I went every other Friday with my Grandparents. Like clockwork. I have fond memories of the hustle and bustle of the place, friendly familiar faces, smells, the fresh meats and pheasants hanging in the butchers, the calls of the greengrocers echoing through the alleys. I heard this year they were hosting a festive evening, I thought this would be a lovely way to relive my childhood memories. (Although, I do frequent the market regularly it's never enough for the nostalgia it holds.)
On entering, the place was buzzing. Myself, Zoe & Ruth headed to Pumphrey's Coffee for a hot drink before exploring. For those of you who haven't been to Pumphrye's Coffee, (where have you been?!) they stock a whole range of different flavoured coffee beans fresh to buy or you can stop by and grab a special blend coffee or even a  hot chocolate. 
So many coffee flavours and types! And if you're not into coffee, Pumphrey's also have Curious Leaves in the Grainger Market too which is their tearoom.

We then headed to the centre of the market which was buzzing. The centre had live singers, rock and roll dancers later on - which I loved watching, the florists stand with beautiful wreaths on display, and offers on in the surrounding shops. Matthew's Cheese Shop & The French Oven were 2 which seemed to have considerable queue's most of the night. Matthew's has a wide selection of cheese and do great cheese boards for Christmas. The French Oven is a quaint little independent bakery which supplies bread to many local businesses surrounding and also regular customers.

I was (obviously) feeling hungry and was craving pizza, so heading to Slice was the only thing for it. Slice are what you think... They serve delicious pizza by the slice and this also had a decent queue too (rightly so!) They had a selection of flavours on sale and honestly this one was delicious! For £3 per slice you really can't complain, they're fairly filling!

The Grainger Market were also granting access to one of the balconies. We were escorted up and told a little about the history of the market. The market was built in 1835 and there was a grand banquet to mark the opening. The Grainger Market was opened as a butcher's market (now houses greengrocers among other businesses now) and was a place for the elite gentry of Newcastle to show off their money and best clothing. The alley's are quite wide, and it is said that the reason for this was the lad's wide Victorian skirts & the men's walking sticks. The balconies (which aren't open to the public now) were a spot for the ladies to wait whilst men did their socialising (and eating at the banquet.) Don't know about you girls, but I'd be fuming if my fella made me watch him eat!
Also on offer, was a chance to go down the wartime bunker. I myself, having spent so much time in the market didn't even know that there was a bunker in the place! So interesting. I didn't manage to get down myself but I'm so intrigued that there was a bunker built under the market!
For those of you living in Newcastle, and haven't visited this lovely place, then seriously get yourself there. Even if it's just to take in the surroundings, sights and smells. But even more so, go buy food, visit the local businesses and support a thriving epicentre of loveliness which has lasted for centuries!
Until next time...