Friday, 25 March 2016

Juicy Shakers & Juicy Cocktails

With Lancôme being the leading in a lot of things in the beauty world I was super excited to attend their Juicy Shakers launch! I arrived at the launch at the Lancôme counter in Fenwick, Newcastle. We were greeted with fruity mini cocktails, friendly, informative staff and a lovely selection of colours from the collection. The product is a lipgloss made up of lip oils and pigmented colour which settles when left standing. This is where is gets a little more interesting...


The idea of the product is to shake to combine the oils and pigment together to create a gorgeous texture gloss which tastes and smells like a fruit basket!

Lancôme have really outdone themselves with the range of colours and scents. There seems to be something for every skin tone and everyone's unique complexion.
How cute are the mini cocktails?! AND they co-ordinated with the juicy feel of the collection too. We also received a little goody bag of skincare products to try out which I cannot wait to get testing and sampling. Before we left we got booked in for a free 15 minute treatment of our choice from their list. The list varied from hand massage, skincare consultation, brow lesson... I chose a specific eye make up lesson.

Shake it like a polaroid pictureeeeee.... I couldn't resist... And now you have that Outkast song stuck in your head, right?
 During our time at the launch we explored the different colours, the shaking at using the product. I have to say, this sits so well on the lips and leaves them feeling soft and 'juicy.'


 Adorable names and they are great mixed too!
The applicator is a cute little pointed sponge which you can just dab right on to your lips to create a fresh look.  The Juicy Shakers retail at £18.00 and are the perfect size weather you're on the move, going out with your girls or having a day relaxing on holiday.

They also ran a competition for the best pout and we had to write a little beauty note to our younger selves... I would tell myself to seek more advice about skin and keeping it clean, fresh and well maintained.

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Friday, 18 March 2016

Leopard Print & Glossy Nails

So I know it's a little late but before the chill in the air disappears for a while I had to share these with you... 
I got these lovely gloves from my brother as a Christmas gift. They are a gorgeous leopard print fabric with  black leather panels on the underside with cosy fleecy insides. I believe he bought these from Florence & Fred at Tesco. I love this brand, they have so many lovely staple/minimal pieces which suit my style perfectly.

 Being petite, this elasticated detail around the cuff is the perfect addition...

 I'm all about the details! I really do appreciate the little things that designers put the time & thought into make a piece more special or made for purpose. The touch screen compatible are perfect for a blogger on the move in this digital age!

I have teeny tiny hands so the S/M is a little loose on my hands but I really do love them, leopard print seems to go with a tonne of my outfits and I think my brother bought well with these babies. The fleecy lining of the gloves are perfection for my hands. I have Raunaurds Syndrome, which in a nutshell means my body struggles to hold heat, especially in my extremities... So you can understand my love for warming garments!


I love these gloves paired with a minimal outfit (they look gorgeous with an all black look.) To then take the gloves off to reveal glossy red nails - I adore this shade by Nails Inc called The Hurlingham.


Until Next Time...

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Spring Fragrances & PartyLite Treats

Mother's Day is coming and if you're still frantic finding the perfect girl for your special mum, then keep reading. I was contacted by PartyLite to have a little look at their newest collection just ahead of Mothers Day. Thank you PartyLite! If you haven't heard of them, then I suggest all you candle hoarders get clicking over to their site, they have a full range from candles, tea light holders, wax melts to home fragrances. I am a sucker for candles and home fragrances, so when the box of PartyLite products arrived, I was very excited...
All of these products are from the SmartScent range. The first thing I pulled out of the box were 2 tea light holders with little butterfly motifs on the front. I think these could be great for a wide range of people, from teens to butterfly lovers to people who just want a subtle pop of colour and fragrance.

The interior of these holders have a beautiful colour inside to add a little more interest to these. How sweet - it's all about the details!

I think these would be perfect as separates but also sit together as a pair too...


These are one of my favourites I think. They smell utterly divine and they have such a strong citrus scent which is almost good enough to eat! These would add the perfect lift to any room and are the perfect gift if your Mum is a fan of citrus smells. They are tea light candles and they do burn for a fair time each and would look brilliant in the tea light holders mentioned above! The pop of yellow against the pink and lilac would look lovely!


Then there is the crème de la crème of the collection. This is a large GloLite 2 wick candle....
The scent is called Berry Blossom and also a yummy light spring fragrance. Again, this is a light airy scent and is very uplifting (great for a relaxing Sunday with a glass of champagne in hand.) The scent makes me think of British fruits, strawberry picking in the summer and summer fields in the countryside. The smell makes me feel instantly calm and comforted. Mother's Day is vey close and if your mum is a candle lover then I think I would choose beauty....


The candle claims to be the 'world's brightest candle" and the box explains that with the textured wax, this helps to create a soft glow with a strong fragrance.


I also received something else but I didn't want to overload too much with images as there is lots to look at already. So I will do a post very soon on that.... I cannot wait to show you all!
Until Next Time