Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hi guys! So ive been thinking what to write about for my 3rd post on this blog. So im going to share my experience at Newcastle based restaurant St.Sushi.

Firstly, let me get this off my chest... I love this place! I really cant fault this restaurant. About a year ago a friend of mine recommended me to here after having poor service at another sushi place in Newcastle. So after eating there for the 1st time I couldn't thank my friend enough!

The waitresses at St.Sushi are super attentive and polite. For me thats a deal breaker for me when eating out. It feels like a very authentic Japanese restaurant and im pretty sure its a family business.

The food here is mega delicious! My favourite thing to order is a salmon teriyaki bento box with a side order of salmon and avocado ISO rolls. The Benton box includs 2 grilled salmon steak portions in a teriyaki sauce. Its to die for! There is also 2 small vegetarian rolls wrapped with seaweed and sticky rice and picked vegetables in the centre. A healthy portion of sticky rice, 2 slices of salmon sashimi and 2 salmon and sticky rice portions finish off the meal!

I can only describe the dish as fresh and delicious! It has so much taste in comparison to other places I have tried. They do also serve a range of cooked meals, so if you're not into the whole raw fish thing you can still have a yummy meal here!

And the best part about this place is they do delivery!! For delivery you must spend 15 pound or more but it is so worth it. Plus, I'd rather eat a box of sushi than a greasy take away.... and if you sign up to their newsletter, they send you offers and discounts not available for normal customers.

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