Sunday, 22 May 2016

Put on a show with Maybelline Colour Show

So being super busy I find it easy to keep my nails coloured with being so busy all the time! I rarely paid for them to be done at a salon so home colours are my go to for quick nail fixes. I recently spied the Maybelline Colour Show collection whilst browsing for some other cosmetics and the colours caught my eye!

The collection is a gel based formula which I have to say gives a lovely "professional" finish to a DIY nail. The collection is inspired by the runway and New York (which totally excites me - love the big apple!) The crisp and carefully selected colour range allows you to have a little high fashion in your beauty box...

 I love the colour and it is a nice change from the usual red or nude. The design of the bottle is slick and easy to throw into any handbag! But the thing I love the most about this is the design of the brush.... Instead of the usual round brush tip, its it more flat which in turn makes it so easy to glide the polish on to your nails.

This particular shade is called Mauve Kiss 150 and I also have my eye on the most rich Ocean Blue shade too.
Have any of you tried this collection? If so I'd love to hear what your favourites are!
Until next time...

Friday, 6 May 2016

Hidden Newcastle & Tempura perfection

After a photo shoot last night (for an exciting client I can't yet share) I was dying for some good food so I left the shoot with a friend in search for something to eat. However, I was in one of those moods where I couldn't decide what my stomach wanted to devour.... So we wandered for a little and ended up in No28 ... I only recently learned of this cool place and for those who don't know... It's a hidden bar nestled away in the upstairs of the Grainger Market in Newcastle! (My mind was blown that it had been there for some time and I hadn't heard or discovered it!)

The place is almost a secret garden crossed with a 70's kitsch nightclub (in a totally cool kind of way!) Above the bar is draped in foliage, beaded stings and a beautiful selection of vintage pendant lights. The side wall is adorned by a black & white full length shot of naked ladies! And obviously complete with a darlick and wall mural of the NY skyline & King Kong. It bizarrely works in the surroundings.



We sat upstairs which was quieter than downstairs and overlooks everyone downstairs. Browsing the menu I wasn't so sure but I went for the Jerk chicken tempura with coconut rice & peas, plantain crisps & mango – £12.50 and my friend went for the Thai green chicken curry with rice & flat bread - £12.50. Okay so I wasn't too sure about what I had ordered as it wouldn't have normally picked a spicy dish.... But the dishes arrived, we tucked in and I was soooo happily surprised! My dish was Tempura chicken cooked to perfection (not too greasy) served on a bead of delicious coconut rice with black eyed peas and a gorgeous jerk Jamaican inspired sauce with mango sauce, horse radish and plantain crisps! Is your mouth watering? I literally couldn't get this in my face fast enough! The Thai green curry arrived with a side of flat breads for dipping, big chunks of chicken and pomegranate seeds sprinkled on the rice. I love the details like the pomegranate & mango sauce... Attention to detail in food is a major plus for me.

Little bit of a naughty option with the Tempura batter but it was so tasty! *heads back to the gym*
The menu has a varied range of food from Spanish, Thai, to Jamaican so as you can tell it is as eclectic as the d├ęcor. Cannot be more happy to have tried this place and even happier it will now be on my list of places to show people! A true hidden gem! And to tick all the boxes, this place plays an awesome range of retro funk music to get you dancing in your seat! (Oh besides the giant disco ball upstairs, was too big to fit in my handbag to sneak home unfortunately!)


So if you're looking for somewhere cool, laid back and a little different from the usual Newcastle scene, No28 is for you!

Until Next Time...