Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hi guys! So ive been thinking what to write about for my 3rd post on this blog. So im going to share my experience at Newcastle based restaurant St.Sushi.

Firstly, let me get this off my chest... I love this place! I really cant fault this restaurant. About a year ago a friend of mine recommended me to here after having poor service at another sushi place in Newcastle. So after eating there for the 1st time I couldn't thank my friend enough!

The waitresses at St.Sushi are super attentive and polite. For me thats a deal breaker for me when eating out. It feels like a very authentic Japanese restaurant and im pretty sure its a family business.

The food here is mega delicious! My favourite thing to order is a salmon teriyaki bento box with a side order of salmon and avocado ISO rolls. The Benton box includs 2 grilled salmon steak portions in a teriyaki sauce. Its to die for! There is also 2 small vegetarian rolls wrapped with seaweed and sticky rice and picked vegetables in the centre. A healthy portion of sticky rice, 2 slices of salmon sashimi and 2 salmon and sticky rice portions finish off the meal!

I can only describe the dish as fresh and delicious! It has so much taste in comparison to other places I have tried. They do also serve a range of cooked meals, so if you're not into the whole raw fish thing you can still have a yummy meal here!

And the best part about this place is they do delivery!! For delivery you must spend 15 pound or more but it is so worth it. Plus, I'd rather eat a box of sushi than a greasy take away.... and if you sign up to their newsletter, they send you offers and discounts not available for normal customers.

Blogging night with Zotonixe. Find link for her blog below.

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Maskitec Cosmetics Review

So quite recently a fellow creative and good friend of mine started producing a range of lip balms! I know, quite adventurous, right?! I have know of Kerry Liddell for some time now having modelled one of her collections, which she had designed & developed prints and produced 2 women's tailored suits. They are beautiful by the way! So through numerous impromptu catch ups and photo shoots I come to love Kerry and find out more about her creative side.

So as I said, she developed a range a juicy lip balms. I have to say they are utterly delicious! I am rather fussy about what balms and treatments/products I use on my lips as I find a lot of high street products dry them out. However Maskitec lip balms are a stunning exception!

I recently purchased 2 x 10ml lip balms One in the Sherbet Fizz flavour and the other was Firebox Cherry. The Sherbet Fizz is my favourite balm out of these 2. Firstly, I have to comment on the packaging because I am a sucker for beautifully presented products. The lip balms come in small silver pots (the 10ml are perfect for travelling with) and they are branded with a label which is colour coordinated in accordance to flavour. The sherbet is pink and the cherry is red. So I unscrew the lids and find the sherbet fizz to be a beautiful shade of pink with a glisten to it.... Is that glitter I see?! Ok, now I'm in love! I'm not a huge glitter fan but it ads the perfect sheen and sparkle to your lips! And as for the cherry flavour, it is a perfect tiny to add some colour to your look. I took tem on holiday earlier on this year. They are great paired with Kayleigh Falcus jewellery. Here's some snaps...

You can purchase Kerr's lip balms via her Facebook page. I cannot wait to see her winter collection!!
Instagram: @maskiteccosmetics

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

50 Things Tag

Hi guys! I am The Original Redhead and I will be blogging about jewellery, fashion, cosmetics, art, all things creative and anything in between! For you all to get to know me a little better (since this is my 1st post) I thought I would do the '50 things' tag. In case you're unaware of this blogging tag, I have to tell you 50 random things about myself.

Here goes...
1. I don't have a favourite colour - being a very creative person, my love of colours is equal as I think they're all beautiful in different placements
2. I have a degree in Textiles & Surface Design
3. I am a natural redhead
4.In my spare time I model
5. In 2013 I cut off 17 inches of hair and donated it to the Little Princess trust
6. Maths was my worst subject in highschool
7. I am a non smoker
8. I have completed all 3 bronze, silver & gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards.
9. I have never been on a cruise
10. When I was 17 I sailed from Norway to England over 10 days
11. I love sushi
12. I would love to live in New York for a period of time at some point
13. I'm quite a big tomboy but have a girly side which loves dressing up too
14. My style is minimal and simplistic
15. When I was 15 I won an award on a school trip for the 'best attentive driver' while go karting
16. I have a double crown
17. Pitbull once brushed passed me while on a university trip in New York!
18. I believe that no rich person ever became rich by sitting and waiting for oppertuanities to find them
19. I adore Beyoncé for her acheievments and her work ethic
20. I am 5ft
21. I struggle to find clothes to fit me as my top half and bottom half are 2 different sizes
22. I once convinced a group of guys that I work for NASA
23. My fear of having fears is my biggest fear at all
24. As a child, I used to press flowers. I mean seriously, who does that?!
25. I also love Italian food. All of the pasta will be mine!
26. I had a pair of roller boots as a kid and then upgraded to inline blades
27. Owls are my favourite bird
28. I am a jewellery designer and illustrator
29. I love an adrenaline rush
30. I love watching programmes/movies about whales and dolphins. They always look so peaceful
31. I used to train for boxing
32. I used to run for about 3 years on and off
33. I like both tea and coffee but much prefer tea
34. When I was about 7 I went through a phase of eating nothing but super noodles
35. I LOVE having a productive day
36. I don't have a favourite season because I love them all for different reasons
37. I have rauynards syndrome in my hands and feet (a type of circulation/capillary type syndrome but nothing serious, just always cold!)
38. I would love to learn a new language fluently
39. I think I am allergic to dust
40. I considered joining both the army and the navy
41. I can quote Mean Girls and White Chicks spontaneously word for word
42. I love to have a giggle
43. I would love to trace our family tree
44.I have a very curious mind, its always ticking over and wondering about something
 45. I really struggle to sit down and read a book
46. I am a visual learner
47. I love being spontaneous
48. On cold rainy days I love to curl up and watch the Harry Potter movies
49. I wear glasses
50. I am constantly misplacing my glasses!