Sunday, 26 April 2015

Clean & Clear VS Garnier Micellar Water

So for years now I have been using the Clean & Clear Cleanser. After removing my make up and even washing my face I always felt like the make up lingered so I invested in cleanser. Recently I have transitioned into using the Garnier Micellar Water. Here's a little blog about my experience with both products.

I have been using the Clean & Clear Cleanser for ages now and it has worked for me. However I did find it very astringent although it was very effective at removing excess make up and cleansing my skin. Because it is a strong formula, this makes it hard to remove make up from the eyes. It does sting my eyes if I get too close.


After some research and asking around, I found out about Miscellar Water. I hadn't previously heard of this but did happen to see a Simple version advertised on TV. I went for the Garnier as I had heard good reviews from a few of my friends who are make up artists. I'm sure the Simple brand would have worked great for me too as I have sensitive skin and find their products great. This Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is the Combination & Sensitive Skin type but they do a few for different skin types.

The first time I used this I fell in love with it! I applied to a cotton pad and wiped my face and it just feels like water. Exactly what it says on the tine really... I did find that with the Clean & Clear my face instantly felt cleaner but the Miscellar water feels much more natural and fresh.


I can seriously recommend this product for anyone with sensitive skin, a busy lifestyle and possibly anyone who's skin goes through a lot (I wear a lot of different products whilst modelling on photo shoots.) This is obviously a cleanser so it purifies the skin but can also be used for make up removal which is a great 2 in 1!

If you've also tried either of these products I'd love to know in the comments how you got on!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Clara Olivia Wishlist

So I recently discovered plus size lingerie & swimwear company - Clara Olivia. However, I am not plus size but boy they have some gorgeous products!

The first on my wish list (if of course I was plus size) is this stunning swimsuit! It is called the Fever Underwired Swimsuit. I have a tonne in my personal collection and have a love of all things black so this ticks all the boxes! The shape is very svelte and sophisticated.... This comes in a D to H cup.

Next on my wish list is this gorgeous Kyoto Underwired Twist Bandeau Bikini Top which is available in D to F cup. I love the floral blossom print and the style. I've always favoured a twisted or ruched bandeau bikini top when I'm lapping up the sun.
The last on my wish list is this Belle Underwired Balcony Bra which is available in B to FF cup. This is a gorgeous mix of what looks like sumptuous lace and black satin. Need I say more?! If black isn't your colour, this is also comes in white & bamboo (nude.)
Looking through this website really had me wishing I was better endowed! Don't forget to check out Clara Olivia on Facebook & Twitter!
All images were sourced from Clara Olivia's website and do not belong to myself.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Scotland adventures

About a month ago I was contacted by make up artist, Josephine Birkett. I have worked with Josephine on numerous photo shoots and events. Her talent, skill and knowledge is impeccable and I love working with her lovely self! When she contacted I was happy to know that she was asking me to accompany her to a day in Glasgow. Jo works for global cosmetic company Mac. They go through extensive training and they have to take certs. There is different levels and Josephine asked me to be her model for her Advanced Certs.
In this level the make up artists have to compete a series of techniques. They are literally given a look on the day in which they have to complete to their best ability to look like the visual they are supplied with dl have certain time frames to complete each one.

We were up super early and headed to the train station. Mac decide who is they think is ready so there I always a few girls from each store travelling together. We got he train from Newcastle to Edinburgh, then a connection from Edinburgh to Glasgow. I absolutely adore Scotland so I was excited and thoroughly enjoyed travelling with the girls and seeing beautiful views from the train window! Spending summers driving through Scotland with family when I was young has most certainly stuck with me....
Anyway, we got to Glasgow and I was starry eyed being in this stunning city. We walked down the main street and entered Frasers where the Mac seems so much more like essential centre piece of the store rather than just a concession. We made it to the room where the certs were being held and all the artists set up their kit. Legendary Cher Webb was supposed to attend - for anyone who doesn't know, Cher does a lot of London shows and works on the make up looks for a lot of runways. No pressure then! She was poorly so another assessor had to judge on her own whilst photographing everyone's looks in which her and Cher could make a fair unanimous decision between themselves over the weekend.

The atmosphere was kind o relaxed but obviously all of the artists were tense and a little nervous. The looks included brows, skin, lashes, highlight and contour, lips and eyeliner.
 The skin look was a flawless matte effect with a no make up effect. The highlight and contour look was also very natural.

The brow was a very specific shape, quite a high rounded arch with a long tail.
The next look was the eyeliner. The visual was quite difficult to see from but it was quite dramatic with very straight flicks at each side. It was almost a straight line from the inner, under the eye to the outer flick. But obviously this will vary depending on the shape of the models eyes.
We then took a break for lunch. I totally rocked this eyeliner around the streets of Glasgow while we got a bite to eat! The next look after lunch was lashes. The look was a very 60's inspired look with sections missing so some were longer than others. Very Twiggy I thought!
The lip was next...  It was a super straight lip with a shallow cupid bow and very full on the bottom. For these looks they mark based on colour match, colour, texture and shape. The visual was a very vibrant red...
There was another technique they had to complete after tis which was tattoo coverage. Since I have no tattoos I sat this one out but was good to watch them all at work...
All finished!
Every time Josephine does my make up it literally lasts for hours after! Here's some snaps of it once I as hoe. My lips are literally perfect and I was so in love that it took my ages to get the courage to remove it all! *sadface*
 I actually love these lashes applied in this style. I think they are 2's by Mac and applied in sections. Jo cut the full strip in to smaller pieces and applied, I kind of look like a doll but I'm totally cool with that. I think I could even wear this on a night out. Madly in love with this look!

Wearing my Miss Taylors Belted Coat. Read the full blog about Miss Taylors HERE.

Don't forget to check out Josephine's Facebook Page, website and other social media! I cannot recommend her any more that I already do. She takes bookings for photo shoots, weddings/trials, events, birthday/weekend looks, face painting (she is CRB checked.) Take a peak at her work!


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Watermelon Lipstick Forever Living

For all of you who keep up with my blog will know that I recently tried the Guava lipstick by Forever Living. If you missed it you can read it here. I got my eye on the watermelon shade and was curious. I do love a red lip but I have found that it has to be pretty much 'Postbox Red' to suit me. However, the watermelon shade is quite obviously a shade of watermelon. A red with a little undertone of orange almost.

The Guava lipstick is from the same range and they both have a glossy texture when applied. The bullets come in metallic purple with the logo printed in matte white. I am a freak for packaging and I love these!

The other thing I love about them is they have a little window in the lid so you can see the colour them too. I really do like it when companies make an effort with original packaging.

I think it can even be dressed down. I wore it with a plain grey tee and skinny jeans.

I was really shocked that this shade suited me so well. I love summer shades and really love coral lipsticks but can't usually pull them off. I think this colour would be perfect for a little summer holiday.


This shade is called Watermelon and you can check it out over on the Forever Living Website.
What do you guys think about this shade? I'd love to hear in the comments...

Contact Vicky (Forever Living Rep) and she will help you order yours!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Cooking Up A Storm

So Easter weekend is almost over... To be honest we don't have any real Easter traditions in our family or things we usually do. I have been feeling a little under the weather/exhausted and been trying to catch up on a lot of work so when my mam asked me to help her with baking I was a little hesitant.
My mam used to bake a lot when I was younger (and she still does from time to time) of which I have lots of lovely fond memories of. And I think you'll all agree there is nothing like your Mamma's cooking! I thoroughly enjoyed our time in the kitchen. We laughed and got messy and baked some lovely foody bits.
They say the women in our family are brilliant pastry makers because of our bad circulation. Cold hands makes for great pastry apparently! So we started with pastry... this was to make a mince pie with. I got to roll the edge with a pretty pattern (which I love doing) and then my mam snipped the air holes in to ensure it could breathe.
The next thing we made was quiche. I guess you could say this is one of my mam's specialities. It is a cheese an onion quiche and one of my favourite things she bakes! In our house, the only quiche is a big quiche as you can see. (Only a few pieces left on this photo though.)
We had some spare pastry left which we always try to use. We usually make jam tarts but fancied something different this time. I suggested some bacon and cheese twists. We googled a few recipes but decided to just freestyle. This was our 1st time making these and I have to say everyone loved them! We rolled the pastry out, then cut the bacon into strips and laid them out equally on the pastry. Then sprinkled the grated cheese on top and folded the pastry over on itself & cut in to strips. We then lined a baking tray and twisted them on the tray and cooked until golden brown. Yummy!  
The last thing we made was chocolate shortcake. Mmmmm. I haven't made this in forever and my mam had a craving for it so we just had to.

I am sorry to say that the bacon an cheese twists got snapped up to quick before I got a chance to get any photos! I hope I have inspired someone to bake something instead of buying from a big store. And plus it can be a bundle of fun! I'd love to hear in the comments what your favourite thing is to bake...

Saturday, 4 April 2015

A few essentials...

Okay, so not necessarily all essentials but sometimes I just can't resist a few goodies from Primark. The somehow manage to hi the trends so quickly and have everything you need in one space.
The item I originally went in looking for was a lint roller. I purchased a new scarf (yes its almost spring but I swear I'm cold blooded!) The scarf is kind of a brushed wool and its a nice weight but it does shed and I tend to wear it with a light coloured coat so I thought a lint roller would be the best solution to stop the fluff!

The thing I find about Primark is you go in for 1 thing and com out with 3 more you didn't need. It took me forever to find the lint roller and in the process I got m eye on a brown lip colour tat I wanted to try. I've been loving the Kendall Jenner nude lip that is in trend at the moment so I thought I'd give I a try. Also, I've forever loved a brown lip - I still have one of my mam's old brown lip stick from her make up bag. I stole it when  was younger but I guess the world wasn't ready for it wen I tried it back then!
The third and last item was purchased as a gift... My cousin is so cool and loves stuff like this so I had to buy her this bunny purse. It was right by the tills and I just had to get it!
I got these 3 items for a grand total of £4.30 which you cannot complain about at all! I just gave my cousin her little purse today for Easter and she loved it. I'm going to do a little brown lip post and one about de - fluffing my coat!

Friday, 3 April 2015

Guava Lipstick Forvever Living

So I'm not one to wear lip colour as much as I should, but felt like a lip colour review was much needed on my little blog! I recently tried the Forever Living Guava Lipstick....

This range of lipsticks from forever living are beautifully packaged!  The lipstick bullets are a sumptuous deep purple with sort of reflective finish and the logo printed on to them. The touch I like about them is that you can see the colour through the lid because they have a little window. I thought this was a great idea if you're carrying a few colours, you're raking round in your handbag and need to find it quickly... I am forever forraging round in my bag!


I wasn't sure how this colour would look on me as I usually do favour a red lip (when I do actually wear a lip colour.) It's always nice to be pleasantly surprised with cosmetics, and with this, I most certainly was.
The texture is glossy but without being a gloss... The longer you wear it, obviously the gloss does wear but that texture can be added back when re applying. The colour is a gorgeous almost, dusty pink. I do love lighter colours, but with my skin tone I wasn't sure if it would wash me out or bring out the colour in my face. I actually loved it when I wore it! It is subtle but enough to suggest that you're into your cosmetics. The colour really made my eyes pop. I wore it for the 1st time to go and meet a friend (amazing artist called Sharron Bates.) We spent the day mooching galleries and doing research or her very own children's book she is working on!


Anyway, back on task... I really do recommend this shade to redheads! I wore with a crisp, white shirt, navy skinny jeans & a 3 quarter length lime green cardigan. I do think the lime and pink complimented each other too.  
Now you're wondering where to get such a delish lipstick! Contact Vicky (Forever Living Rep) and she will take care of you!