Thursday, 2 June 2016

Science Bar: Cocktails & Chemistry

A few weeks back I was invited to the launch of Science Bar's new cocktail menu. For those of you who don't know, Science Bar is a cool little cocktail place tucked up on Neville Street, right next to Central Station, Newcastle. The place is cool, dark, mysterious and the interior is very interesting with a small team of talented and attentive team of mixoligists.

Anyway, I got glammed up and headed out to see what the new menu was all about!

On entering we were presented with a Cherry Bellini which was so delicious! What I love more than tasty drinks, is drinks that make you look. So as you drop the cherry into the bottom of the glass... it hits the prosecco bubbles and the cherry flavoured syrup at the base of the glass and causes a tiny bubble explosion! So far, so good! The menu was split into Science & Sci Fi so here goes...

The next drink that we were served with was called the Pasteur. This cocktail certainly has an acquired taste. This one really pushes the boundaries and it mad up of Beefeater gin, sugar, egg whites, lemon & b vitamin tablets crushed. The gin is a strong taste so all you gin lovers out there, this one is for you!


We then moved on to the next cocktail... which was super delicious! This was the Newton cocktail. Newton was the guy who proved the theory of Gravity whilst sitting under an apple tree. This is a beautiful apple and lemon fusion! And as for presentation, the spray of apple slices just totally finish it off. For all the sweet tooth's out there!

Up next was the Feynman. Now, this one just looks like science in a glass.... Or a beaker in this case. The beaker is filled with a mix of Midori, pineapple juice, lime and a few other ingredients, topped with a shot of 63% rum! 2 ways to do this... Either drop the rum into the beaker or drink the shot and follow with the cocktail. This one is for the true science lovers!

Biochemistry was the inspiration for this next one! Asimov is a cherry Manhattan with a twist! Mixed with AI Old J Cherry, Martini Rosso, Cherry & Lemon. This is a beautiful tasting drink! The lemon & cherry are a marriage made in heaven. For anyone who loves tongue tingling flavours!

Bill Nye, who we all know for his work with global warming was next out of the shaker! Like a grown up cola float, this drink has a real nostalgic feel. The ice cream represents the rapidly melting polar ice caps and slowly melts as you sip your way through the rum and coke which awaits under the rum and raisin ice cream surface. For all you ice cream addicts & summer lovers.

So the evolution theory was the inspiration for the next one. Darwin is an evolving mixture of flavours including dark Kraken rum, Angostura Bitters, lime, Cola & ginger beer. This literally tastes like Cola Cubes... I mean who won't love this?! This one goes to all of your memory lane wanderers.

The head turner of the night was Galileo. This one comes in 2 glasses and is a little bizarre to observe. The ball represents planet earth and once dropped into the squid ink, tequila, agave, blue curacao and lime concoction. As the ball dissolves into the black squid ink alcohol filled oblivion, the taste of the drink evolves. An odd taste but a great concept! For the boundary pushers!

Einstein is obviously one of the most prolific names in scientific history! And apparently he loved a Pina Colada so this is a tribute to his love of the drink. Made from Havanna, Koko Kuna, pale ale, sugar, pineapple & sugar. This was one of my favourites in the bunch which looked & tasted amazing! For the fruity lovers who would rather be on a beach in the Caribbean.

Sci Fi was up next and the first out the bag didn't disappoint!
Super Soldier Serum was inspired by Captain America. The slice of star fruit is a tribute to his uniform and the blue & red colouring is a great tribute to this Sci Fi character. A mixture of cranberry, schnapps & red bull this beauty is sure to tingle your taste buds. This is a real sweet treat and really doesn't taste of anything alcoholic... For all you who need an energy boost & not huge on alcoholic tastes.


Craving a drink that packs a punch? The Kryptonite Dauquiri is claimed to be the strongest drink on the menu. Monster energy drink, lime, sugar & Midori. Another of my favourites because this drink can be set alight and they let the alcohol around the rim burn off. Aesthetically pleasing under UV lights, this baby is a wonder to watch. Perfect for all you who love a performance.

Walter White is obviously inspired by Breaking Bad! With absolute blue, coconut syrup, yoghurt & blue meth as the base for this drink you can see why it looks so crazy. The colour is insane I would advise to drink this on a full stomach, I can imagine the mixture of alcohol & yoghurt could be a bad idea but it tastes so good! For anyone who loves to try something different.

So with the release of the new Star Wars film, this was sure to make it to the menu. The Dark Side is a fusion of crème de mure, black Sambuca, port, apple & lemon. Throwing is back to the good old days, this tastes like black jack sweets and the Sambuca is very evident in this drink. Not to be forgetting the name... this drink is of course served with 2 light sabers (aka glow sticks) This is perfect for Star Wars fans new & old!

So who isn't a fan of Back To The Future?! Doc Brown is sure to make those memories flooding back... Cachaca rum, strawberry, lime & b vitamins makes up this baby. Not to be outshone by the rest, this is finished with a perfect cloud of candyfloss which dissolves as you drink your way through it. BTTF memories & candy floss... what's not to love?! For those who love a nostalgic sugar hit.


Fleeb Juice was next up. Are you guys keeping up? Fleeb juice is inspired by a TV animation called Rick & Morty. Served in a glass beaker and topped with berry caviar... this gave me starry eyes just looking at it! Parma violets spring to mind when this hits your lips with a spike of gin. Beefeater gin, Maraschino, lemon, violet ice & berry caviar. I have never seen Rick & Morty but who cares when the drink is this tasty and pretty! Great for those looking for a summer refresher!



The next had to be the most visually pleasing to the eyes! Agent Coulson was mixed from Absolut vodka, white chocolate, Bacardi rum & Frangelico. This wasn't the super sweet you'd expect but certainly held a kick! The edible flower floating on the surface and the sugary rim of the glass really did finish this off. For the socialites who carry cocktails & participate in numerous conversations.


Last but not least was the Daku Daku. This is the forest in the Legend of Zelda. This is built up from Jim Beam, Frangelico, Bitters, Treacle & Hazlenuts. This one is a juxtapose of flavours. The sweetness is offset by the salty flavour of the nuts & bitters. This is for those who love to break all the rules.


I hope you guys go and have a try of the new menu! My faves were definitely the Asimov, Einstein in taste and if you're looking for the perfect instagram drink to make your friends envious & wondering where you're at... then I totally recommend the Kryptonite Daiquiri, Fleeb Juice & Agent Coulsen!

Until Next Time...