Monday, 28 December 2015

Dancing Shoes & Shake A Tail Feather

At the end of November, New Look had a giant sale. Boy oh boy... I wanted to buy a lot of items! I ended up with a few staple items which I felt would be versatile and classic in my shopping basket. Among them were these beauties.... Rose Gold court heels! As if I'm not already obsessed with jewellery enough and all that sparkles, they go and make these amazing shoes.
I absolutely love a court heel. Simple, true & classic. Almost will never let you down and they seem to suit jeans, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits. You name it, the court heel matches...
Okay, so the price tag reads £22.99 but I actually paid £14.99 with the sale price, which makes them even more delicious! These are called the Bronze Asymmetric Pointed Court Shoes which don't appear to be listed anymore but there are some other lovely similar colours HERE. 
I'm a girl all about the detail so I'm loving this little wrap over detail. Most of my wardrobe is made
 up of a collection of simple pieces with glimmers of interesting details. By having a minimal wardrobe I can then either dress it up or down depending on the occasion.
Being in the midst of party season, I think these are the perfect heel for all festive celebrations!
Until new time...

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Magical Moments

I've been a little MIA at the moment guys and I do apologise! Trying to get back on to this little headspace (blog) as much as I can. First things first. I hope you are all in good health and have had a wonderful Christmas.
I wanted to just pop by and say hello to everyone and just put emphasis on the fact that Christmas is made by love, not by gifts. (Yes, maybe I have watched the Grinch too many times.) But year after year I find myself feeling underwhelmed by how much I have spent VS how much I actually have in my shopping bag. Life is becoming expensive but that is not what its about!
I love buying gifts and of course giving them to the loved ones around me. Family and friends alike. And I love buying them something they would love, use and/or wouldn't treat themselves to. However, I find nothing more indulgent than laughing and being cosy with a cup of hot chocolate with the ones who make my heart beat. Christmas dinner, a glass of bubbles and beautiful company.
The John Lewis advert 2015 #ManOnTheMoon really resonated with me this year..... I find that all over social media, as humans in a technological age we all love to brag about the things we have. Then there are some people who are alone. Imagine that, alone on Christmas. No giggles, maybe no gifts and just the echo of the TV to keep you company.
If I can say one thing, it would be just to be present in the presence of your loved ones. And if you can give to those with less than yourself, I'm sure that would be greatly appreciated. Even if it is just your time to sit with someone this festive season. Sprinkle love and kindles around like glitter. Please.
Until next time...

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Accidental Photoshoots

So for some years I have been aware of the work of photographer, Karl Shaw. We met a few month back now at a photo shoot which I was assisting on. Karl happened to find out that I am a model and wouldn't let me leave until he had got some snaps of my face. And... you know what... I'm so glad he did.
So in between assisting on said photos shoot I was having my photo took in between the other model changing. We got some stunning head shots/portraits and I have another shoot booked in with him this month!
The studio we shot in is called Ghost Studio, based in Darlington available for hire & studio nights with booked models. To anyone reading this interested in booking, I highly recommend with a tonne of space/props/backdrops and options. Anyway, enough of me chattering on. Here's the images I have been desperate to share on here...
Keep your eyes peeled as I planning a shoot with Karl this month!
Until next time...

Monday, 9 November 2015

We're all human!

So as you all know I went away to the Med for quite some time. I love love love getting a chance to jet off, submerge myself in salt water and relax (well almost, I was still blogging and working on other projects too.) However, not only am I a redhead in a tropical country, I also have very sensitive skin. This was also an issue when I was young which seemed to plateau in my teens and in my early twenties I'finding its came back.
So in my late teens I suffered severely with prickly heat every time I was abroad. I have now managed to tackle that as well as having contact dermatitis in cold weather and eczema from stress. Think its safe to say I need to live in a temperature controlled bubble for my skin to be safe ha!
So this time I went away, it was extremely hot as usual and it was lovely. I was using Simple sun cream in factor 50 to protect my skin and the factor 50 Simple sun cream for tender places on my face. But on morning I woke up as normal, had breakfast..... then starting itching... and scratching. Just randomly all over my body.

So I needed to really figure out what was happening to me because I didn't want it to affect my time away too much and wanted it to clear asap. Initially it looked like hives (which I have never had before), but then some of them looked like insect bites, but I was also questioning what I had eaten too. The bugs out there can leave you with a nasty bite so this was a possibility and I'd also drank a new fresh fruit juice which I'd never had before.


Luckily I have a few friends who are doctors so I contacted them as soon as I could, described the symptoms and then sent photos of what I was seeing on my skin. Now I have a friend who gets hives just from exposure to the sun and I was praying I now wasn't allergic to the sun!
Diagnosis showed that these were most likely an allergic reaction (or hives) to insect bites. I found this very odd because I have been travelling since my early teens and been bitten before but never a reaction like this. I was advised to treat them with antisceptic cream and apply topically. I did initially apply sting ointment and only one of them stung which I thought strange. I still wasn't sure they were bites but I kept away from the fruit juice and was careful of what I ate. They eventually cleared up (I had a huge one on my leg I just couldn't shift.)

Then they cleared and in my last week I noticed a mosquito in my room - despite the mosquito nets the little crafty insect! And then I woke up again with the same thing!! And applied insect ointment and only a few stung. So what I realised is that only a few of them are actual insect bites.... they were itchy. All of the others were hives, which is an allergic reaction and an inflammation to certain substances. It can also be triggered by exposure to heat or cold or infection among other things.  Sometimes the cause is a complete mystery.

I know this is a bit of a strange one but I hadn't experienced myself and I did find myself a little frustrated that now I have something else to watch out for regarding my skin.... but its better to know and how to treat it in case I do suffer this again. I'm not claiming to be a doctor folks, so if any of you experience similar things I would recommend seeking professional help and treating as they say. Just thought I'd put this post out because bloggers are known for their impeccable presentation of themselves and flawless images but we are all human too! I do apologise for quality of the images, I didn't really expect to do a post on this but thought it may be useful to put out there and let you all know that we all go through stuff like this at some point...
Until next time...

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Tan Lines & Protection

So as most of you will probably know, I am currently travelling. As a blogger there is a few important 'must haves' on my list, but as a redhead the most important has to be my sun cream.
As a redhead who also had sensitive skin Simple sun cream has always looked after my milky complexion! 
I know when we're young we think we're unstoppable and we'll live forever. That eating vegetables really doesn't do anything and wearing sun cream isn't important. But as I have got older and travelling to numerous destinations, I cant stress enough how important it is to look after your skin while you're young!
When I was in my teens I experienced 1st hands the effects of too much sun can have on your body with an unpleasant trip to a hospital abroad. I did wear sun cream, did wear a hat, did keep hydrated but sometimes too much is just too much. I'd spent a day on the beach in intense Mediterranean summer sunshine and paid the price.
My mam has always drilled in me to wear sun cream and protect myself but I obviously underestimated how strong the heat was. So here are some tips to stay cool and look after your precious skin...

1) Wear a high factor sun cream/sun block. Even if you 'tan easily' wearing nothing can still damage your skin.
2) Stay hydrated. Drink a lot! When you're on holiday, the heat will probably be more intense than your body is used to. Sweating in hot temps obviously means losing moisture and hydration from your body.
3) Protect you head - wear a hat. I know its a cliché mum saying but protecting your head and preventing sun stoke & headaches is really important.
4) After a long day in the sun, around the pool or enjoying the sights make sun you have a lovely cool shower, wash off any products onto your skin to prevent prickly heat (obviously reapply if you're heading back out into the sun) and apply after sun or moisturiser to lock in moisture you may have lost during the day.
5) Only do as long as you feel you can sitting in the sun. As a Briton, I have seen many fellow Britans take far too much advantage of the sun abroad. As a redhead it is sometimes frustrating for me to see others so dark skinned and enjoying the sun but I have learned the hard way to be safe and only do what I feel comfortable, sun bathing wise. Don't give in to pier pressure of baking in the sun if you're clearly burning and doing damage.
I hope this little post will be of use to you and help you be afe in the sunshine! Try to have fun but look after yourselves too.
Until next time...

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Healthy Take Out & Chopstick Adventures

So if you have been following my blog for a while you will know I am obsessed with sushi. Read more about my obsession HERE. But this time I'm talking about Nudo...

I am a very faithful customer of St Sushi but recently I have been indulging a little in Nudo take out! St sushi do take out but sometimes Nudo is more convenient for me so I love them equally.
The thing I like about Nudo is that you can buy a selection of different boxes all freshly made up which are refrigerated. Every time I go in and debate what to have and almost always leave with a delicious selection of salmon! My fave! So I just thought I'd share this with you because sometimes I'm a girl about town and need to grab something to eat in a hurry in between my busy schedule or to take home after a busy week and unwind with a glass of champagne!
I love the packaging of these little boxes and each box has a sticker seal so you know what is what.
Which if you're a sushi beginner can be helpful.
I have to say aesthetically I would prefer if the rolls were neater but maybe I just have sushi OCD! They still taste very good! And much better dipped in soy sauce. These boxes also come with a wasabi sachet, soy sauce sachet and some include picked ginger too.
I have to tell you salmon nigiri have always been a favourite of mine, right from my first trying sushi. Also someone once told me to step away from the salmon nigiri and buy the Nudo seared salmon and I was thinking how could anything top the nigiri?! But this seared salmon is amazing! Soooo tasty and a new take on plain salmon nigiri! If you haven't tried this I feel like it's a must... I'm hungry just looking at these photos!
If you know of any cool sushi joints, let me know in the comments.
Until next time.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Plants & Prints with Jennine Wilson

These snaps are from a little concept shoot with the lovely photographer, Jennine Wilson. Unfortunatley I'm not sure if she will carry the series or concept forward any but these are just some test shots from an idea she had. We will be however working on a new set of images very soon!

I'm excited about the new set we are working on. And I think it has potential to go from 1 set of images to a whole collection.
Until next time...

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Cosmopolitans and Dressing Up

So this week was my birthday and I'm always torn for what to do! I have lots of friends from different circles etc and difficult to get everyone together so last year I spread out my celebrations and done something a little different with everyone. Like going for meals at different places, going out for drinks, going somewhere during the day with other friends. This is also a good excuse to drag out celebrations for as long as possible!
This year I decided the night of my birthday I just wanted to go low key but still dress up. So I went to Bonbar in Newcastle. On a Thursday it is usually fairly quiet but still a lovely venue and somewhere to spend your evening.
This visit was no different!
For this evening, I clobbered up with a little powder blue playsuit (from Primark believe it or not.) I love this fit of this. Jewellery is by Kayleigh Falcus & heels are from JustFab.


We didn't plan to get food but they it while looking for the menu we seen their sharing boards too which are perfect little snacks while having a cocktail. We all picked a board a board each and then shared between us. I ordered the sweet potato fries with Moroccan Tomato Jam. The other 2 boards were Salami, Parmesan with Olives and Flatbread with a selection of dips.
With it being Newcastle Resturant Week & we didn't book a table they did tell us there would be a little wait on the food but the staff were super helpful & the food was not long at all! I don't think we waited very long which I was surprised by! The food was delicious and the perfect little selection of finger food. I loved the olives. The flatbread had a good salty yet scorched taste to it and the sweet potato fries were cooked to perfection. And I expected the tomato jam to be a glorified tomato ketchup but it had a lovely herby taste with a hint of raisins. I paid for my parents to visit here for Mother's Day and they got Sunday lunch which they raved about and I have ate here once before so I was telling my friends how good it was. Needless to say, this did not disappoint.

 I'm in love with the interior & design of this place and think there isn't enough round bars!
One of my staple cocktails! The classic cosmopolitan!

Well that's my birthday celebrations round 1. I'm sure I'll blog any other of my plans to keep celebrating my birthday so stay tuned! And if you haven't tried out what Bonbar has to offer, got check it out.
Until next time.


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

THE TREND FASHION - City Backdrops and Summer Days

If you have been following my blog you will know I modelled for a fashion label call THE TREND FASHION. If you want to see the behind the scenes shots or read my about my experience you can do so HERE. It truly was a pleasure to work with this team & hope to model for them again soon.



 The brand have a range of cool and funky pieces (as you can see) so go have a browse! And the good think about online shopping? You can do it in your pajamas!
Check out their website over at: 
Make Up Artist: Make-up by Jo (Jo Leversuch)
Hair Stylist: Whiskered (James Reid)
Photographer: Jade Photography (Jade Turnbull) /Nicola Wright/ Dan Prince Photography
Dan Prince
Other Model featured on the website: Emma Davies
Until next time...

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Keratin Classic Shampoo & Luscious Locks

Since being young, I've always had A LOT of hair. It sounds odd, but the actual strands of hair are very fine but I have so much of it, it is super thick. Meaning I have to take good care of it even more so I'm always on the look out for new hair products to keep it in good shape. And since my best friend is a hairdresser/stylist & barber I've become more and more interested in hair and hair products over recent years! (She has her own blog, go check out Zotonixe.)
So when I spotted this shampoo, I thought I'd give it a try.

The shampoo is clear and doesn't appear to be nothing fancy but it smells so good!

The great thing about the lid, is it has a good snap lid. I have been victim of shampoo glugging out of the bottles too quickly. This way you get just the right amount out of the bottle. The shape of the bottle is unusual too and I think it may have been that and the colour of the bottle that caught my eye in the shop.
Okay, so the Keratin Classic Shampoo claims to make hair straighter, sleek, smooth and frizz free hair. Having straight hair naturally I can't speak about that point but I did notice my hair looking shinier and sleek once I had used this product. My hair is pretty untouched (apart from some blonde highlights I had put in as a teen), and is very healthy. But some on girls, who doesn't like next lever shiny hair? the only thing I don't like about this is I used it fairly quickly, I need more!
Until next time.
The Original Redhead