Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Tan Lines & Protection

So as most of you will probably know, I am currently travelling. As a blogger there is a few important 'must haves' on my list, but as a redhead the most important has to be my sun cream.
As a redhead who also had sensitive skin Simple sun cream has always looked after my milky complexion! 
I know when we're young we think we're unstoppable and we'll live forever. That eating vegetables really doesn't do anything and wearing sun cream isn't important. But as I have got older and travelling to numerous destinations, I cant stress enough how important it is to look after your skin while you're young!
When I was in my teens I experienced 1st hands the effects of too much sun can have on your body with an unpleasant trip to a hospital abroad. I did wear sun cream, did wear a hat, did keep hydrated but sometimes too much is just too much. I'd spent a day on the beach in intense Mediterranean summer sunshine and paid the price.
My mam has always drilled in me to wear sun cream and protect myself but I obviously underestimated how strong the heat was. So here are some tips to stay cool and look after your precious skin...

1) Wear a high factor sun cream/sun block. Even if you 'tan easily' wearing nothing can still damage your skin.
2) Stay hydrated. Drink a lot! When you're on holiday, the heat will probably be more intense than your body is used to. Sweating in hot temps obviously means losing moisture and hydration from your body.
3) Protect you head - wear a hat. I know its a cliché mum saying but protecting your head and preventing sun stoke & headaches is really important.
4) After a long day in the sun, around the pool or enjoying the sights make sun you have a lovely cool shower, wash off any products onto your skin to prevent prickly heat (obviously reapply if you're heading back out into the sun) and apply after sun or moisturiser to lock in moisture you may have lost during the day.
5) Only do as long as you feel you can sitting in the sun. As a Briton, I have seen many fellow Britans take far too much advantage of the sun abroad. As a redhead it is sometimes frustrating for me to see others so dark skinned and enjoying the sun but I have learned the hard way to be safe and only do what I feel comfortable, sun bathing wise. Don't give in to pier pressure of baking in the sun if you're clearly burning and doing damage.
I hope this little post will be of use to you and help you be afe in the sunshine! Try to have fun but look after yourselves too.
Until next time...