Sunday, 20 November 2016

Best Burger I've ever tasted: The Grind at No 28

A few weeks back I was invited along to No 28 to showcase the launch of The Grind taking over their kitchen. If you haven't heard of No 28, you can read more about it here. I had heard of these guys from a few different food festivals over the year but I was yet to taste their food.
The chef served up our burgers and spoke a little about The Grind and the ideas behind the food. 1 thing I did notice just from his brief talk through, was the level of passion this company holds. I think this is really reflected in their food. So after explaining I was about to dig into their West Coast Classic & Beef Tallow Fries, it was nice to be left with the feeling that the people preparing your food actually care and have thought about it in detail.

Admittedly I'm not a huge meat eater and I probably wouldn't pick a cheeseburger off a menu but this beauty really is something else. A hand rolled double patte topped with a secret sauce, relish and crunchy lettuce. And cheese. Don't forget the cheese. Oh my word. The cheese is like the best part. Envelop this all in a bun and I think it's safe to say this is one of the best cheeseburgers I've had to date. With a bite, your mouth is tasting the beef, secret sauce, signature relish with the texture of the lettuce and melted cheese - it's a magical coming together of quote simple flavours but done very well.


I also hadn't yet tried fries cooked in beef dripping - oh, what a sheltered life I lead. The dripping seems to give the fries a crispy finish which normal frying doesn't give. The fries were moreish, even after the monster burger I had just consumed.



Just when I was slipping into a food coma, they dished up these American Style Buffalo Chicken Wings with Stilton Dipping Sauce. Honestly, I don't like meat on the bone but I gave these a try - like it was a chore?! They were cooked perfectly, the chicken was succulent, full of flavour and the dipping sauce - delicious. Not my personal choice, but I see the appeal of these and they do taste amazing. Perfect for sharing but I dare anyone to want to share this food.

If you're looking to try out The Grind, head over to Nelson Street in Newcastle at No 28 and sink your teeth into one of their burgers! They also do vegetarian options. For those who are having a lazy one, you can get your burger fix via Deliveroo!
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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Have Faith in Winter Jewels

As winter approaches with the mind boggling selection of knits, textures, weaves, layering, pleats, patterns, prints and such on offer sometimes simplistic accessories really do take an outfit from everyday to polished. Crossify contacted me to do a little review of their Solid 9ct White Gold Cross Pendant. Crossify are new and stock a whole range of silver & gold cross pendants.
After waiting patiently for the postman, the pendant arrived in a black envelope and once opened revealed a little black box. (argh jewellery mail is my favourite!) Inside the box, there it was nestled on the black velvet inlay.

As you can see the pendant is solid and very minimal. For a winter wardrobe, I think this would be styled in so many ways! Over a chunky knit jumper, with a pinafore and roll neck or even with a crisp white shirt. You can see on the bail that it is stamped and the cross itself is a smooth finish.
In mission to wear this as soon as possible I purchased a twisted sterling silver chain online. I thought this was a perfect for it to be strung around my neck (although the options are limitless, you could hang it on leather, cord, suede, snake chain, cable chain, box chain, rolo chain etc. I guess it depends on what kind of look you're going for and this is part of the charm of buying a pendant on its own. You can style it up anyway you feel!
No fiddling neither, with this pendant the bail is a good size so my chain just slipped straight on. Which makes for good interchanging chains when you're on the move. For anyone thinking of purchasing, Crossify offer free delivery on all of their orders and this pendant retails at £69.00.
Recently I have been styling mine with a navy knitted jumper. The white gold shine really does stand out against the blue and is a lovely go-to piece for those mornings when you're in a hurry. The thing I do love about this particular pendant is that its design allows it to be worn by guys and girls. Out with your fella and he needs to upgrade his outfit in an instant? Pass him your necklace and jobs done!

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Monday, 7 November 2016

Spritzin: JKB ARGENT Millionaire Hair Mist

Everyone knows me as the girl with the ginger locks. I can be spotted in crowds with my gingery flame mane. So in these harsh, winter months (especially being a model) I really do have to keep my hair in good condition. So when JKB Argent sent me their sparkly new Millionaire Hair Mist I was itching to put it to the test - with plenty of hair at the ready!
On opening the parcel (blogger mail is always exciting), the first thing I noticed was the attention to detail in the packaging. The beautiful gold against the sodailte blue box is gorgeous. A weighty glass bottle topped off with a gold lid was nestled inside. I love when packaging is really thought out, surely you'd think its the product and what it can achieve is what matters. But I really do think that beautiful packaging shows that a brand has really thought about everything from shelf appeal to customer service to product development if they have took the time and care to get their branding right.  

So looking at the bottle, the product inside the bottle looks milky but when spritzing this, it has a gorgeous mist consistency which wraps around your hair and nourishes it. So what does the Millionaire Hair Mist do? The mist helps to give you a glossy mane, weather you're in a rush or just styling it. I have used this just after straightening and curling meanwhile also just spraying through my hair and brushing just to give a healthy sheen and both work well. This retails at £35.00 via their website, and considering the natural ingredients, packaging and the actual product itself seems reasonable (not to mention this has lasted me a good while and I have pretty long hair!)
The Millionaire Mist doesn't have a potent fragrance (like with many hair products which can be strongly scented and smell of chemicals) and also has organic aloe vera and blackcurrant extract. This mist also boasts to be paraben and sulphate free too. The ingredients have been carefully sourced and blended to create this product. As if the packaging and the product results didn't make me love this enough, the organic touch really does appeal to me. Natural scents and natural, organic products make me think of us thousands of years ago kinda like avatars using the rainforests as our free for all fresh beauty salons, with berries,charcoal and fruits.

I'm really excited to see what JKB Argent come up with next as this is their first ever product out on the market. Impressive, huh?
Until next time

The Original Redhead