Thursday, 21 July 2016

Irresistible Hair Styling

A little while back I was sent the Diamond Flat Iron from New York based company, Irresistible Me to review. Now as a girl who grew up with a brother... beauty & hair styling are things I've had to learn... However more and more I've been enjoying new hair styles and trying them myself. So when Irresistible Me approached me, I thought this a great opportunity to try a different brand straightener (curling/flat iron for my international readers.)

Considering this was coming from America, this arrived super quickly (which for anyone who knows me... is impressive.) I love a delivery day! The hair straightener arrived well packaged and clearly addressed and the gorgeous black packaging was undamaged. If you're buying this as a gift for someone, the black box (complete with metallic silver logo) it arrives in is so beautiful. Pop it in a gift bag and hey presto! - the perfect gift for beauty lovers.
On opening the box... there is a lovely little key explaining all of the functions which the Diamond Flat Iron is capable of 16 different features!
When your nails match your hair straightener unintentionally and unplanned. Actual life goals!  
My favourite feature is the temperature control. In the past most hair tools have only had 1 heat... giving you 1 level of result. With this function it allows you to choose the temperature and, its as easy as pressing a button. The little arrows determine the temperature and go up to 203 degrees which is great for styling! They're positioned on the inside of the product which when holding it makes it very easy to control the temperature....
The light up LED display on the back on them tells you when the hair straighteners are ready for use.... This avoids doing the swipe over with your hand to check they're heating up. It lights green when its ready which saves your burning your hand and you know for sure.

Another fave feature of mine is the cool tips which keep your fingers nice and unscathed. We've all been there - been the victim of a hair styling related burn in the attempt to create a stylish hair look. You can really tell the difference with this and they are so much cooler than previous straighteners I have had in the past. The ceramic plates really clamp your hair and manage to create the straightest of hair or curliest curls.
As this is an international product, this does have a 2 prong plug. But not to panic! This is easily solved with a universal plug which can be purchased online or in most home stores for about £2 so no breaking the bank! It does have dual voltage so no worrying about blowing a plug at home. They really have thought about everything!
If any of you are in the market for a new pair of hair straighteners then I would totally recommend the Diamond Flat Iron. It does retail at $149 (apx £112.60), however I think that price is totally justified when you consider all of the functions/features, speedy delivery and pretty packaging. (You'll receive 20% off when you sign up too!) That's not it... they don't just sell hair styling products... Irresistible Me have a huge range of hair extensions, wigs & accessories so take a browse at what they have to offer.
Keep checking my Instagram & Twitter for updates on the styles I have been creating with this beauty!
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The Original Redhead


Sunday, 3 July 2016

Organic Beauty: Smudge Cosmetics

So if you follow me on Instagram, you'll have known this post was on its way. Recently I was sent some beautiful organic, handmade beauty & cosmetic products. These are from a new brand called Smudge!


The products I was sent were a Strawberry Lip Gloss and a Patchouli Hand & Body Cream. They also sent me a lip balm, but that I'm saving for a separate post because I seriously love it! (lip balm lover over here.) I was so excited receiving them as they are 100% organic and it is lovely when brands are resourceful instead of packing products full of chemicals & fillers. It's refreshing to know the ingredients are sourced from natural oils and such.

The first thing I tried was the Patchouli scented Hand & Body Cream. This is a very strongly scented cream with a natural fragrance, so if you like Patchouli... you'll love this! It has a gorgeous consistency of a thick, creamy, silky yoghurt and then tin is a perfect size. There's enough to last you a good while but not too big to throw in your handbag to keep your skin hydrated on the go.

 The great thing about this cream is it soaks in quite quickly. I can't sit still so this is important for me! I love applying this after a long soak in the bath and shaving my legs. I am a sucker for creams after suffering from dry hands but I will gladly add this to my collection.
The Strawberry Lipgloss is perfect for anyone who's not keen on straight up lipsticks or lip-glosses. It's a great combination of these two things! The texture it not too sticky and you almost forget you're wearing it. It has a lovely shimmery look which gives a nice shine on the lips and can also be worn very faint (by dabbing onto the lip with your finger) or as a heavier colour with the applicator to build it up.

 The applicator is such a great shape & is lovely and soft!
 The packaging is great and stylish. This wouldn't look out of place is any make up bag.
 For anyone looking for organic, cruelty free cosmetics, Smudge is totally for you! I have also heard they are moving into candles & home scents too which I am very excited about! Nothing like a beautiful smelling home (and if its organic then all the better!)
You can catch up with Smudge over on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram! So head over now to order yours.
Until next time..