Sunday, 30 October 2016

Pumpkins in my bath! LUSH Halloween Haul

The Halloween Collection everyone has been raving about. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, it keeps popping up on my feeds. So obviously I had to see what all of the fuss is about.
Off I trotted to my local Lush store (which is Eldon Sq, Newcastle) and bounded into the cloud of lushness. Those of you who have been into Lush, you know that smell.  I spotted the Halloween section and knew exactly what I had to do... Buy it all. Yep. That's what I did. And I have no shame ha!  

So first out of my bag is the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar. Literally a glitter dipped bath bar. Glitter galore. If you love glitter then you need this in your life. If you despise glitter and its dark magic ways of getting everywhere then maybe avoid this one. This is specifically the one I've been seeing a tonne featured on social media. Probably because it is so 'instagrammable.' **
I do not own the rights to this words and nor did I coin this phrase. This is all the work of fellow blogger Ruth. Ie. That is soooo instagrammable. The lighting is too dark in here, my photos really aren't instagrammable.
This bubble bar is to be broken off and melted under your running bath water (meaning it lasts a good while.) It smells like autumn in a bag. Even after a few days, I stuck my nose into the infamous Lush paper packaging bag and gave it a smell. Deep earthy tones and it's not a wonder as it is filled with essential oils which are released when it bubbles under warm water.
Next out of the bag (quite literally) was the Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb. A gorgeous green bomb to be dropped in the bath with disarray and pure joy once you see it slowly froth away. A mischievous mixture of patchouli & black pepper oil with a deep wine coloured centre which reveals itself once the deep green exterior has vanished. When you get up close, you'll see this one is speckled with different colours. Kind of like a confetti covered bath bomb. On later inspection of the label, this one has popping candy in it. POPPING CANDY IN A BATH BOMB. I think life is now complete.



Monster's Ball is the one with the character. I think we should name her Celia. Celia the Cyclops. This one has a sort of fruity smell to it, like mulled wine has a spike of orange. That's the only way I can translate this scent into words. And with the pink and blue, I'm guessing this one is going to be instagrammable when dropped into the bath leaving a trail of rainbow colours behind!


Okay, so these had me curious. I thought the Boo Melts were a crumbly sort of texture just like the bombs and bars. But seemingly I was wrong. These are a waxy melt texture and they are to be used in the same way as a bath bomb. Apparently when dropped into the bath, they melt away and create a creamy, scented haven for you to lie back and indulge in. With a musky vanilla scent with ginger and Fair Trade organic cocoa combined with mandarin oil and sandalwood, this one smells divine.


Last but never least is the Pumpkin Bath Bomb. I am itching to literally drop this from a great height into my bath and watch the orange sphere fizz away until there is no more. There is something quite satisfying about watching them disappear, right? This design really reminds me of old
school hand carved pumpkins which parents all over the world would slave over for one evening of the year. Pumpkin spice, orange and cinnamon are what I can smell from this beauty. Enriching the smell of home baking and bringing the nostalgia of autumn & Halloween to make us feel super cosy and satisfied.



As far as seasonal products go, I think Lush really hit the nail on the head with this. I'm looking forward to what they have planned for Christmas products.

Until next time...


Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Luxe Scent: Si Le Parfum

It may have eluded some of you that I'm a bit of a luxe beauty lover. Go figure, right?! When Giorgio Armani invited me to their fragrance launch of Si Le Parfum in Fenwick Newcastle, I obviously obliged! If you haven't heard of the Si fragrance line, then I recommend you to explore. The 3 fragrances truly investigate many different levels of the Armani woman. Strong, sensual, glamorous whilst understated & accomplished. 

 Before getting our hands on the new scent, we were shown the other 2 from the Si range. The original - Si Rose Signature is a very light hearted carefree, springtime sort of aroma whilst Si Intense is deep and enveloping in many layers. I preferred the latter but the first was very refreshing too!

Between smelling each scent, we were given coffee beans to smell. This helps to clear your airway for the next scent, which in turn gives you a truer smell. Trying different scents can get a little full on and they all start to smell the same so doing this really helps you take in each fragrance and the underlying notes.


Si Le Parfum is true to the Armani spirit is sensual and yet chic and it lingers on the skin. When I was a child, women would pass me whilst shopping and they'd be carrying expensive designer paper shopping bags, dressed in camel coats and pretty heels and left behind was their perfume while I looked in awe at "the pretty lady." This scent reminds me of that, the woman who makes an entrance and wants to be remembered. However, not necessarily through her expensive handbag or pricey blow dry, but through her spirit, her words and her opinions. It is a true nod to adventure, sophistication, freedom and living life to the full!

What creates such a diverse fragrance I hear you ask (at your computer screens and phones of course because this is blog land and you're unfortunately not here to share my stories with.) This beauty of a fragrance is a delicate blend of blackcurrant essence and bergamot. It then moves in to hearty tones of frankincense, jasmine absolute & osmanthus  amber accord which trails off into vanilla and patchouli hints. This fragrance wraps around your skin with a glowing warmth and leaves you feeling like you can conquer all. With 25% essential oils, it is a true luxurious purchase which truly allows you to embrace your femininity, strength and confidence.
Prosecco and Italian nibbles kept us going through the whole scent extravaganza.



Fenwick concession of Giorgio Armani currently have a winter 'gift' with certain qualifying purchases. Head over their to get your hands on this beautiful fragrance and also pick up your gift too.  The gift is a beautiful pocket mirror which comes in a luxurious stitched wallet emblazoned with the gold GA logo and contrasting patent and matte leather. Such a lovely little treat to yourself if you're already on a spending spree.  

If you're looking to buy for yourself or for a gift, Fenwick Newcastle offer Si Le Parfum at £115 for 40ml perfect for handbag adventures. It's also available in more substantial sizes at 50ml & 100ml.  

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Foodie Converted: Vujon Indian Restaurant

Last week I was invited along to Vujon - an Indian cuisine restaurant tucked away in Queen Street, Newcastle below the structure of the Tyne Bridge. I always find that certain area of Newcastle to hold a beautiful intimacy that is rare in a city.

On entry we were shown downstairs to the room we'd be occupying for the evening and offered drinks from the bar. The staff were lovely and served us promptly. We were left to chat, which I'm pleased because there was lots of new faces! So we nattered and found our seats and the table was set. As a huge foodie, I have to admit, Indian food is something I'm not overly keen on.

All of the dipping action went on with the starter section! Popadoms with mango chutney & mint yoghurt dip. 


A 2nd round of starters (maybe the popadoms were just to wet our appetities, but I wasn't complaining.) These included the Angari Tikka, Kathi Kebab & Veg Pakora. My favourite from these was hands down the Kathi Kebab closely followed by the Veg Pakora. The kebab consists of finely diced lamb which has been tender roasted and tossed with onions, tomatoes and spices served in a butter chapatti. Delicious! The Pakora were light and fluffy and the perfect little vegetable package.

On to the mains, with another varied selection. This time it was Murgh Makhani Dehli Style, which is dried chicken cooked in a tomato and onion sauce. I must say this gave me a very nostalgic moment of tomato soup! It was very flavoursome and hearty!  

Next to make it to my plate was the Railway Lamb Curry. Now, admittedly I am not a huge fan of lamb unless it is cooked to my specific liking so I was apprehensive . And this did not disappoint, tender, slow-cooked and succulent. Literally the perfect, melt - in - your - mouth dish. I would totally recommend this!

 As a veggie lover the Tarkari Handi (seasonal vegetables with cumin, peppers and crushed peppercorns) was a delight to see. These were yummy and a lovely side if you're not keen on rice.  Sides for the main was pilaw rice and a mixture of naan bread (made for dipping in the delish sauces!)

Our hosts were very attentive, and hey, they say a good host always keeps your glass topped up!

To finish off was a very refreshing pistachio ice cream. The perfect palette cleanser after the big mix of flavours I had just experienced. So crispand light. At this point I was so happily full but this finished the meal beautifully. The staff explained that they are more than happy to accommodate and dietry requirements as well as meet any specific needs you may have. So if you'd like a certain dish with the addition of something or without something to meet your taste this is great news.

After such a delicious meal, we were then offered coffee and an Indian treat after the feast we had just devoured. I didn't want to spoil myself by gorging, but this was a lovely gesture from our hosts.

If you're apprehensive to try Indian cuisine I would really recommend Vujon to dip your toe in the foodie fountain!

Until next time...

Friday, 14 October 2016

Jewellery Watch: Mirror Image Accessories

Jewellery addict like me?! When Mirror Image Accessories approached me with some of their beautiful pieces, I was intrigued to find out more... I had seen their pieces online and knew they were laser cut mirrored Perspex pieces but the photos don't do them justice. They are actually even more beautiful in person so you can see the detail up close.
The first pieces I want to show you is this gorgeous teal mirrored piece with a distinct art deco feel. This is the perfect look to 'finish an outfit.... throw on with a white shirt (the colour really pops) or a trendy t and you've upgraded your look in an instant. Love that these pieces can effortlessly make it seem like you've... well, made an effort! The colour is intense and really demands attention so the rest of your look needn't be too over the top! RRP: £25.00


Next piece is the perfect little accessory for Autumn through to Winter. This Gold Mirrored Kite Brooch is lovely worn alone, pinned to a tote bag or clamped onto a luxurious cosy scarf to keep the cold out. I'm forever cold in the winter so I live these months cocooned in layers so this piece is great for keeping your scarf in place. And at this price point, it's an absolute steal! RRP: £4.00
 Really catches the eye against darker colours...

The last piece is so dreamy. I adore the harsh geometric shape of the Gatz Necklace and again is beautiful against black and the autumn colours of this season. This is hung on a long chain which is a nice variation from the other pieces in the collection. Again, a white crisp shirt and a pair of skinnes really rock this look. We all know party season is ahead of us (numerous Christmas parties & celebrations) so for a busy girl about town, I would recommend this piece. I think this is my favourite as it encaptures old school art deco whilst still remaining modern & current. Glamorous gold! RRP: £8.50


If you're looking for some accessories to get you through this season, then M.I.A is your brand! You can find them on Etsy, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

Until next time...