Saturday, 20 February 2016

Catch Ups & Prosecco - Lola Jeans

 Just a quick one... Okay so a few months back I met a friend at Lola Jeans Newcastle. I've heard lots about this venue but hadn't managed to get there until this visit. I was surprised how small the venue was. But not a bad thing! Quite lovely and intimate with a cosy relaxed vibe - perfect for catching up with friends.

I love the interior of this place. You don't know where to look first! It is eclectic, quirky with an arty vibe. From the chandeliers to the skull wall mural, the original herringbone wooden flooring, exposed beams right down to the grandfather clock and the mix match of seating screams Newcastle Eatery of the moment.

I'm not sure if the wall mural is hand painted (I do suspect it is) or if it is digital but I couldn't stop starring at it. In the midst of a vintage collection, this contemporary stencil style piece really does stand out!
I ordered the sweet potato fries which were so moreish with a glass of prosecco...
If you have any recommendations of stylish/delicious places to eat in the city then please let me know in the comments!
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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Raw Juice & Antioxidants

This time of year everyone seems to be on a health kick. I am not the healthiest person but I am striving for this year to be healthier than before this year. I have always been into sport & fitness since being young and still running now but would love to be adding weights work and yoga into my routine too. Let me just say I am always looking for something healthy that also tastes delicious. This ticks all those boxes! Introducing the Naked Detox Pressed Juice from The Naked Deli....
If you hadn't heard The Naked Deli is a fairly new clean deli which serves tasty food, completely clean & paleo (they do take out too for those of you who are like me and have a busy schedule!) It also happens to be very tasty and pushes the boundaries with the usual clean diet... What's not to love?!
A while back they developed a range of cold pressed juice drinks and this is one of them. They have a whole menu which tells you all ingredients in each one so you know exactly what you're putting into your body. I chose this one which is made from apple, grapefruit, lemon & ginger. The colour of this is mouth watering to start with but it really does taste amazing and just when you think you've tasted it all the lemon & ginger adds a nice kick too.
 The Naked Deli really are setting the pace in the health game. They have now developed a Naked Skin juice with Dr Esho - founder of aesthetics company Le Beau Ideal. This can be bought as a detox and claims to help skin look younger and hydrate skin. As someone with problematic skin over the years I think skin hydration is super important!

For those of you who also appreciate well thought out packaging, this really is for you. Good sized bottle fit for purpose - check, well designed label and graphics with ingredients plain to see - check and seal label just for good measure - check!
I really can't recommend this anymore for anyone out there reading this hitting the gym, yoga or even just people who are conscious about what goes into their body. Tastes delicious and it really is clean! It's that simple.
If this one doesn't take your fancy then they have a whole range of pressed juices so why not drop into their store on Chillingham road or call into their consession at Fenwick, Newcastle. Raw juices full of antioxidants in an array of rainbow colours all pure and natural.... I really can't say anymore. My mouth is watering just thinking about all of the flavours! Hit up The Naked Deli and tell me what's your favourite juice in the comments...
Until next time...