Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Rooftop Partyin' at Summer Storeys

So it's summer, you've done everything on your "to do" list and wanna play out but you've exhausted all the usual venues. Well Summer Storeys really is the place to be this summer.... serious feel good vibes, independent food and drinks vendors, garden games and to top it off the best tunes to get your feet tapping!
Not yet heard of it?! Well it only launched last weekend! It's a new independent event based on top of the Barrack Road carpark (right next door to St Jame's Football Park.) On entering it was quiet but me and Zoe arrived just as it had opened... first call was to get a drink. I went for the Summer Storey's Pale Ale (bit naughty but it was light and was nice and chilled.) Zoe went for the Strawberry & Lime Cider.

Big wooden benches were set up under a really cool canopy which had been decorated with flowers & a disco ball (erm how cool please?!) Felt like I was at the The Secret Garden Party for a moment *ignores the rain and daces anyway*

Being a huge music lover, I'm hard to please but the dj had this crowd sussed. The music was seriously perfect for my taste with lots of soul remixes and tunes to get you dancing. It's one thing having a cool venue with food and drinks but it's another to get the atmosphere right.
First thing to do after ordering beer was to decide what to eat... with vendors like Fat Hippo, The Allotment, Lola Jeans, ChuchosLa Petite Creperie (the list goes on.) As you can see from the list... this event really was created for independent eateries. I was torn but I decided on Manny's Pizza. I visited New York a few year back and ever since I've been in search of a Manhatten Style Pizza place to settle my craving. Manny's really does not disappoint. Simple, authentic toppings cooked to perfection on thinly baked pizza dough!

These guys had a selection of toppings this night (which made choosing even more difficult) but the pepperoni took me back to those stifling hot days I spent in the big apple! Zoe went for the Parma ham but they also had margarita or vegetable which makes for an equal split of options for meat eaters & vegetarians.

 Literally cannot get enough of this disco tent... reckon I need one for my next festival trip...

So after a slice of Manny's washed down with a lovely light pale ale... it would be rude to not try the sweet delights on offer. La Petite Creperie was our option and again, this took me back to my travels. I tried my first ever crepe in the fashion capital. Of course I've had pancakes but there's something just 'right' about eating a crepe made right in front of you in the streets of Paris. Smeared in nutella and cooked to perfection these crepes are crispy folded up into a delicious triangle of goodness.


Gold rings are from Aphrodite Jewels for all the accessory lovers out there. 



Still yet to try the infamous Ouseburn Coffee Martini (but it's on my list for next time. The smell of the freshly ground coffee beans wafted through the air in the glow of the fairy lights.




As if crepes isn't enough they have a range of fillings... Zoe went for salted caramel. Nom!  

 Is it just me or does The Allotment have the cutest little trailer?! Admittedly I'd never heard of these guys but from what I could see they serve up a range of vegetarian dises from sweet potato fries, veggie wraps and halloumi fries! Love this concept, as if you follow me on instagram you'll know I love my clean food and veg!

Due to the rain, everyone was heading for the tent, but in true Geordie style... that did not stop the party. In fact I think it made it part of the fun! And the place only got busier throughout the night.

I have all of the love for this place and cannot support it enough. Plans for August bank holiday? How about a rooftop party with cool food, drinks and sick music. Yep, they're back this weekend in case you missed the launch and want a fix of local food and good vibes. There was a wide range of people here varying in age and style so give this place a try before you say it's not for you.


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Saturday, 13 August 2016


So after meeting my friends for food a few days ago, we were making the journey back up Grey Street in Newcastle and noticed a buzz outside of a small shop space which has been empty for some time.
I had noticed new graphics on it's window and did wonder, but assumer it was going to be a new shop. However, we stumbled on an exhibition opening.... And of course I had to go in for a peek! The exhibition was hosted by Imogen Clark and was a collective of artists from the North East.
Works varied from a lovely range of portraits, paintings, digital art and so on....

Kathryn Lyall

The line up includes John Dyer, Keith Opie, Mal Pye, Lee Rowan,

Kev Morley
After delving a little deeper into the exhibition I discovered that Imogen (who is 16, yes that's right) brought this whole night together with the help of Andy Morley. She has worked alongside Andy on numerous murals... For those who don't know, if there's a mural in Newcastle Andy has probably created is. Madame Koos, House of Smith & Quay Ingredient are some of the venues you may recognise his work from.

Imogen has worked closely with Andy now for some time and they brought this exhibition together in aid to fund a trip to Tanzania which Imogen is raising funds for. Such a lovely coming together of community, dontcha think?!

Keith Opie

 Game of Thrones, Alan Shearer, Bill Connelly... What a bunch!

Kev Morley

 I really do love the Dave Grohl & Billy Connelly portraits... they've very lifelike and I was shocked to see so many faces I actually follow (or admire) on these walls. And he's got Slash's hair down to a t.

Kev Morley

I think this piece is my favourite of the bunch!It's called "I Want" by Keith Opie. The expression, the colour, the realist yet caricature features and of course it kinda resembles me as a kid....

Keith Opie
 The exhibition ran from the 11th August until 13th so unfortunately today was the last day to see this lovely little show. But not to fear, you can always support artists thanks to this amazing invention which is the internet! Please look up their work, research them, follow the, like their pages, like their work, invest in their work.... this helps artists grow and carry on doing what they love & creating pieces that their followers love!

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Monday, 1 August 2016

Harissa Kitchen: Tasty Flavours & Chocolate Surprise

You all know, eating out is my favourite thing to do. So I've been eating out once again after being invited to a lovely new eatery in Newcastle. Harissa Kitchen invited me down last week so I thought I'd go along and see what all the fuss was about.
Nestled in a little pocket of Sandyford (about a 3 minute walk from Jesmond metro) this perfectly minimal restaurant sits. Easily accessible: Check. Beautiful Exterior: Check. Harissa Kitchen aim to provide food which is healthy, fresh, and free from any unnecessary fats, sugars and also sourced locally if possible. They even have their own allotment for fresh veggies!! I'm currently on a new journey of fitness and trying to create a stronger mind as well as body so a place like this is great. Lots of healthy dishes packed with flavour.... And they do takeaway too. Perfect.
On entering this lovely place, the décor is the first thing you notice. The white wash walls matched with hints of yellow and blue, sprinkled with greenery give the illusion that you're on holiday submerged in the Mediterranean.   

 We were greeted by the lovely owner who was very friendly and instantly offered us a drink. I opted for water with ice.

Love these cushions (and they're surprisingly comfy to sit against)

Even the napkins are white & blue! The attention to detail in this place is so great, they're really aware of their brand.
Once the drinks had arrived, we were served with a selection of marinated olives, Harissa house pickles, & spiced roasted nuts (£2.50 each.) The pickled veg were so yummy (reminded me a little of pickled veg common in Japanese cooking, olives I'm a huge fan of so these scored points with me and the nuts were so unexpected... I thought they'd be salty but they had a lovely soft mixture of honey flavours.

I choose the chicken breast kebab which is garnished with Harissa spicy yoghurt & chargrilled orange (£8.80). It was served on a bed of cous cous mixed with herbs. This was so tasty and the yoghurt was a nice change instead of a regular sauce or paste. I shared a table with the lovely Laura from lookatmyclothes.co.uk and we ordered a side of chargrilled halloumi (£4.50), tahini (yum) and steamed broccoli (£3.50).
I loved the way this kebab was served. I expected it to either be on a skewer or wrapped up but this was a great way to eat is as you can really explore all of the different flavours. After digging in I realised the chicken was cooked to absolute perfection! I also enjoyed dipping my flatbread in the tahini dip (made from sesame seeds which I have indulged in on many trips to Cyprus.)

  The broccoli was delicious... I am a lover of vegetables so this place was great for my taste buds. The steamed broccoli is seasoned with chilli sauce and toasted sesame seeds. Another twist of flavours which are delicious.

So just when I thought I had finished... they offered desserts. And of course, it would have been rude not to try something they had to offer. The chocolate ganache was new to the menu so it's not on there but we were offered it. I took the risk and I'm so glad I did. Super yummy & so moreish!

Rich chocolate flavour with a dash of tangy lemon & cream...


Reasonably priced and a great company ethos of healthy food which is fresh and close to home.  
They have a few pieces which have been made by local artists which makes me fall even more in love with this place & what they stand for! They have a lovely oxidised copper light & they also have some beautiful gold leafed tiles & exterior signage by traditional sign writer Ashley Willerton, who is super talented so check him out! (Didn't manage to get any photos of the tiles as I was swept away by the warm welcome & food) but if you call by, take a peak. 

The network of Edison bulbs create a soft inviting glow as the city begins to lose lights. I'd test anyone to pass and not feel the urge to go sit in this cool little place. Oh, and their music game is totally on point.... The chilled out vibes are all over this. Just what I need.

This was a perfect time to catch up with Jen, Ruth, Nicola & Suzanne. Can't wait for the next catch up.


 Until next time...