Friday, 29 May 2015

I Sunk Your Battleship | Behind The Scenes

On Wednesday I headed out with the amazing Amy Spires. Myself and Amy have worked together numerous times and I always adore the images we create. She contacted me to ask if I would be willing to model some clothes for a photo shoot for fashion label I Sunk Your Battleship. Amy scouted the location, styled the outfits and contacted me so I knew this was going to be a good day.

We arrived at the location and I have to say I really loved it and I think it sat perfectly with the style of images we were going for. Amy also brought some fruit to use on the shoot which I thought was a great idea!

I Sunk Your Battleship has a marine inspired thread to the range and so I feel the old battery location was perfect for this. And being by the beach was great too.

I cannot wait until I can show you the final edits from this shoot with Amy! We even went for chips afterwards (tut tut, such a bad model.)

Until next time...

Thursday, 28 May 2015


Hello everyone!
Okay so just a short one from me today. I just wanted to show you some accessories I have been loving recently. I feel like accessories can make or break a complete outfit. I've been dressing up looking with a range of minimal rings.

The 2 gold rings (thumb & forefinger) are from a gorgeous set I got from Primark last year. The midi silver ring is also from a Primark set that came with a triangle midi ring and an infinity midi ring too. The silver band on my forefinger is a vintage silver ring which I love! Pretty sure its a mans' ring but I still love the design of it.
If you have any suggestions for jewellery or accessories I'd love to hear about them in the comments.
Much love until next time.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Catwalk & Cocktails

On Thursday 30th April I attended the Havetolove fashion show which was held at Livello on Dean Street in Newcastle. I attended this event with a lovely friend and I knew it was in aid of charity and it was hosted by Havetolove.
A little background on Havetolove.... they are an online fashion retailer with a store in Gosforth. They stock labels from celebs such as Lauren Pope, Charlotte Crosby & Millie Mackintosh.The fashion show was to help raise funds for Ladies In Pink Scarves & Maggie's Trust.

Okay so on entering we firstly had our photograph taken.. As it happened I knew the photographers, Kathryn Gribben & Tony Thorpe. The place was so busy and it was great to see such a lovely turn out for a local event. It was a pretty tight squeeze as the catwalk was alongside the bar so we waited a while and listened to the live acoustic music & then we grabbed a drink. Then after a while the fashion show was introduced and the founder of Maggie's Trust & Ladies in Pink Scarves & she told us the background of both charities. You can read about them HERE. So beautiful so please donate & help if you can! They were selling raffle tickets as people were arriving ready for a lovely raffle at the end & there was also a silent auction with some really cool prizes.

Then the catwalk commenced... Seeing pieces from Havetolove, Lauren Pope & Charlotte Crosby it was a really enjoyable time watching the different pieces. There was some gorgeous stuff that I'd love to add to my summer wardrobe including a stunning boho shirt dress & a gorgeous monochrome swing dress.

Credit to Kathryn Gribben for photography & a thank you for allowing me to use them.
It was a lovely event and was great to watch as I knew a few of the models. So after the catwalk was done they announced the winners of the raffle and told us about the pieces. There was a pop up shop at the back of the room so you could check out the lines and buy if something caught your eye.

I have to say it really was a great night spent with a close friend and the fashion overload always puts a smile on my face!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Fashion Talk with Alexandra Shulman

So being a creative soul I love the time of year when Newcastle Fashion Week comes around. Being part of it & knowing other creative friends who showcase during the events of this week is always a great time of the fashion year. This year it is sponsored by Mercedes Benz & Terry De Hallivand.

This year NE1's Fashion Future's Week held a series of talks, the first starting at 1pm yesterday from founder/head designer of luxury lingerie brand Michelle Taylor, founder/head designer of luxury lingerie brand; Tallulah Love. Michelle is also a good friend of mine and a beautiful human! Also  Charis Younger, designer at All Saints; Kate Ablett designer at Berghaus, alongside Darren Spurling, MD of international footwear designer Terry De Havilland. The 2pm slot was filled by a talk from the amazing Henry Holland! An old university acquaintance of mine interned for him and then worked for him so I knew a lot about the brand and company. I didn't manage to make his talk unfortuantley but I heard he was very honest about his worries of sending collections out in the wrong seasons & his signature graphic printed t shirts. From what I heard he sounded very endearing & funny.

(From left to right) Elaine of Dimesso Designs who creates head pieces, Michelle Taylor from Tallulah Love, Mel Kyles accessory designer & myself (wearing my Miss Taylors coat.) Elaine & Mel collaborated & showcased with Michelle.  
The 3pm slot was covered by OBE & Editor in Chief of British Vogue, Alexandra Shulman. I am so pleased I made it to this talk. Alexandra portrayed her intellect, knowledge, humour & her own talent as a journalist effortlessly.

She started with her background and her upbringing with 2 parents with who were also journalists and she told us that "actually my overwhelming impression was that the last thing in the world I wanted to be was a journalist, because it seemed like incredibly hard work for not much reward."

She went on to show us images of herself through the years and one in particular where she is wearing a skirt which she embroidered herself and standing in front of a Vogue poster and she expressed that "now it seems so ironic and incredible."

She admitted she didn't really enjoy her academic years but then went to work in a few different music companied and that was not as she thought so ended up doing some temp work for different magazines and journalist companies. She went on to work for Over 21 Magazine (no longer exists), and then to GQ where she revolutionised the thoughts on a male magazine which had a bad launch to a few other magazines and then ended up at British Vogue.

Shulman went on to speak about her love for the magazine but really didn't think she'd end up working in "fashion." However, bringing in new photographers, models, designers and other creative she seemed to create a vision for the way we see fashion now. There was a mention of bigger brands who back then "weren't so big" and a mention of Prada who used to produce a range of "rather lovely nylon bags." With her own sort of carte blanche given from the top editor, she seemed to have a fantastic time forging a way for Vogue as she carries on to do.





 She seems to have a knack for finding the hidden gems of a different world. Having wrote an article about women who appeared to be from a different time period in which she featured Helena Bonem Carter when she was 15 (before she joined Vogue) and went on to feature Kate Moss on the cover of Vogue when she was just starting out... Having the power to use images that are more conceptual and use photographers who she loves (namely Mario Testino among others), seems to be an enjoyable part of being Alexandra Shulman. She spoke about this whilst showing a very fashion/art photograph of a model wearing a crazy outfit on a dirt track.) "I'm only as good as the people I work with." Also her love of showcasing other articles and not only fashion. David Milliband & Sarah Khan were among the people mentioned who have featured.

The part I loved was when Shulman spoke about the amount the business of vogue and that their primary business is in print (over digital copies of the magazine.) Personally I love a thick, glossy fashion mag over looking on a screen as we all seem to spend doing more and more these days!

I thoroughly enjoyed this talk and was truly mesmerised with Alexandra Shulman. Her honesty & humour was really refreshing! If you ever get the chance I highly recommend going to hear her speak.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Mac Madness

Okay, so growing up with a brother and a bunch of boys I haven't always been big on the beauty knowledge! So over the years I have had to study youtube, watch girlfriends getting ready on nights out and pick the brains of knowledgeable make up artists.
After working my way through most of the high street (drugstore) brands in my late teens I then moved on to brands like Mac, Illamasqua & Clinque.
I started out with a love of Illamasqua heavy coverage foundation. As a teen with bad acne I loved it! Perfect for skin days! Nowadays I'm an absolute Mac addict!! I recently ordered some stuff online which I will be doing separate blogs for each item but I had to share my excitement with you when they arrived today...

I cant wait to show you the posts on these items! I am totally Mac obsessed now and get excited with each new order. Feel free to comment with your favourite Mac products... I'd love to hear what you girls are into and what your recommend!