Thursday 27 April 2017

KATHLEEN Skincare: Cleansing Lotion & Tonifying Mist

After seeing blogger Carly Musleh, talk about cream cleansers on her Instagram stories. So when I was selected to review the pre launch products from Kathleen Skincare I though it was divine timing. I was sent the Lightening Cleansing Lotion & Rebalancing & Soothing Tonifying Mist which are set to launch and be available to order in May. 

For those of you who may have missed my last post about the Kathleen Caviar Enriched eye cream, you can catch up here. Kathleen offer are luxurious beauty products which are made in the UK, natural, organic and no added chemicals. They really know their stuff, and I sometimes find organic skincare a little diluted and doesn't pack as much punch against other brands but I really feel a difference with their range. 

The cleansing lotion & toning mist come in complimentary boxes and the packaging is lovely quality. They are both available in 2 sizes, 150ml for your nightstand and the smaller size, 50ml is perfect for those weekend stays when you need skincare on-the-go. 

I've been having a crazy time with my skin recently due to a hectic schedule so I really felt this was a great time to put these to the test. After a long (and stressful) day, I removed the majority of my make up with a make up wipe and then used the cleanser followed by the mist. The cleansing lotion is to be applied to dry skin and massaged deeply using your fingertips. I followed the instructions and massaged it all into my face. I then ran a skin of just-hot water and submerged the muslin cloth which I used to exfoliate my face and remove any make up still lying on my skin. 

I cleaned my face, using different sections of the muslin for each section. This lotion boasts to "help to lift dirt, oil, make up and impurities, without drying the skin" for which I can vouch for. This left my skin feeling fresh, clean and free from the greasy oils left on your face from a long day of wearing make up! The cleansing lotion is made up from rose water, lavender water, lemon, tamansu and  avocado oil among other nourishing ingredients. We all know the benefits of oils and such so to get it penetrating your skin in your routine is super beneficial. The muslin cloth helps to exfoliate and rid your skin of dead skin cells to reveal fresh, bright skin underneath. 

I then let my face breathe for a few minutes before moving on to the tonifying mist. The mist can be applied in one of two ways. You can either spritz over your face in a "just stepped off a desert island and need hydrating" kinda way, or you can spray onto a cotton pad and apply to face and neck. Obviously I opted for the first option. 

I let the mist sink into my skin and this glistened on the surface and then slowly dissepearing to work its organic magic on my skin. Aloe vera, chamomile water and lemon are some of the ingredients in this spray. I have quite a good skin tone overall and not many red patches or uneven colour but I could really feel a difference after using this combined with the cleanser. My skin felt lighter, fresher, clean and soft with the Kathleen products and would recommend if you have sensitive skin or are looking for organic luxe beauty products. 

If you're looking for organic products with a punch, then Kathleen has got you! The cleansing lotion is priced at £ 29.50 for the 150ml or £13.00 for the 50ml (only bigger size includes 2 muslin cloths.) The tonifying mist is £23.00 for the 150ml or £13 for the 50ml size and these are set to last you quite a while. However, I have a special discount code for you to all receive 15% off, just enter redhead15 at the checkout to redeem. 

If you're looking for that fresh, glow you get right after leaving the spa then give Kathleen products a try. These launch in May however, their other products are available to order now. 

Until next time... 


  1. THis sounds like a bit of an unusual range of products but it sounds amazing!

    Rachael xox

    1. They are really caring on the skin and the natural ingredients are definitely a plus! x