Sunday 5 February 2017

Running in Heels thanks to Sticky Heelz

As a model, I find myself in and out of many different clothes, accessories and not least shoes. Being a size 5 shoe with a petite frame makes it difficult to find shoes that really fit my feet with a snug and comfortable fit. Ever since I was a child, my Mam & Grandmother have spent hours altering clothes and elasticating waistbands - however changing shoes to stop rubbing is pretty impossible. The problem I have, my feet are very slim, so where most shops stock a wider fitting range, not all have a slim fit size or half sizes.
Growing from teenager to a twenty something, I have made the transition in to heels, with the same issue. So, when I was sent the Sticky Heelz Anti-Slip Heel Pads, I was eager to see if they live up to their name and actually help. The pack includes:

4 x heel pads
2 x shoe pads
 The heel and shoe strips are both labelled so is near impossible to get them mixed up. The heel pads have a micropore tape kind of texture and are breathable on the skin. The shoe pads are cushioned and foamy for maximum comfort once your foot is inside the shoe.

To show you guys the difference, I wanted to show you all a pair of heels of mine which I love but they're a tad too big. And, we all know, if your heels don't fit right, it affects the way you walk and in turn how confident (and sassy) you feel! As you can see there's enough of a gap to create rubbing, blisters and a dodgy walk!

Excited to give them a whirl, I peeled off the paper from the shoe pads and popped them in my heels firstly. This process is super easy which is good news. I don't have time for fussing and faffing when I'm in a rush heading out the door. Once the paper is peeled off you fold almost in half and line up with the inside of the shoe and press into place.
So far, simple. Then the heel pads follow the same instructions  and from the diagram the cut out section goes on the bottom of the heel which allows more flexibility in the shoe and doesn't feel restricting. I stuck to my heel lining it up with where the top of my shoe would sit (so it wasn't visible once on.) Still simple. Then I put my foot in to the shoe (like a modern day Cinders wearing my Zara denim) and added pressure to the heel to bond both sets of pads together. Hey presto! It feels like a Velcro type of grip once they are together.
So like the good blogger I am, I just had to show you the difference once using the Sticky Heelz pads. Where there was previously a gap in the heel area, the gap no longer exists.  So yes, they look cool and make your shoes look like you've finally managed to stop wearing your imaginary big sisters hand - me - downs. But do they feel any different?? This was my main concern, but rest assured, the bond between the heel pad and the shoe pad is enough to keep them attached and also really makes your foot feel secure in the shoe. This means I walk waaay better ion these heels now and feel much more confident in the knowledge that my shoes actually fit me thanks to 2 clever adhesive pads!



Once you take your heels off the 2 strips will most likely be stuck together because of the strong grip between the two. Now, don't forget, the heel strip you throw out but the shoe pads are multiple use (bonus!)  
These heel pads seriously do make me feel more confident and secure about ill fitting shoes. If you, like myself have struggled with the same thing (or have the odd pair the wrong size you cant bear to throw away) then give Sticky Heelz a try!

Until next time...


  1. Love you heels! Using these pads seem like a great idea!

    1. Thank you! Love them even more now I can get use out of them without blisters!

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